Pdf weekly 10 june - Touria Prayag's Blog

Pdf weekly 10 june - Touria Prayag's Blog

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Jun 6, 2011 indeed dead and buried. [email protected] These modest souls. Ankit FADIA. Ethical Hacker. “To become a hacker, you need to know how.

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Insert N° 3 • Friday 10 june 2011 Municipalities : Shadows of their former selves > pp. 30-31 > pp.32 - 33 Editorial ] “M odesty died when false modesty was born,” said S. L. Clemens, a saying which never sounded truer or more appropriate than this week. Take our friend Showkutally Soodhun. Isn’t it wonderful for a minister to have the modesty to refuse to take on more than he can chew? He accepts, on his own initiative of course, to relinquish the portfolio of commerce. Far from feeling humiliated, he reiterates his “allegiance to the government” or, in other words, his desperate call to be allowed to keep the bone which has been stripped of the meat by the prime minister’s sharp carving knife. Cut down to size, Mr. Soodhun will spend some time nibbling at the following bare bones: Industrial Technology and Development, the Mauri- tius Standards Bureau, the Mauritius Accreditation Service, whatever these mean and (please don’t laugh) the Jewellery Advisory Council. In other words, he will cause no further harm. As to his dreams of becoming the PM of this country, well, maybe in another life. Then we have some members of our Legislative Assembly who are so modest that they believe that they can do two major jobs simultaneously better than if they were shared between two people? If one is drawing a salary and still has time to take on another job, the chances are that one is probably underworked and the problem should be tackled immediately. I hope the bill goes through and that opportunities are opened up to a wider circle of people instead of being restricted to those who hog up so many responsibilities and do not tire of reminding us of the sacri ces they are making for the country. The same principle should be extended

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