PDF on the ARRI L7-C LED Light

PDF on the ARRI L7-C LED Light

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skin tones and vividly rendered colors. Familiar but ARRI is a registered trademark of Arnold & Richter Cine Technik GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG.

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CUT > SHAPE > FOCUS > TUNE UNIQUE LED LIGHTS WITH TRUE FRESNEL PERFORMANCE The ARRI LSeries has launched with an LED Fresnel fi xture so close to its conventional equivalent in function and performance that it creates a previously unattainable opportunity: likeforlike replacement of traditional Fresnels with LEDbased units The L7C is the fi rst LED fi xture to truly incorporate the Fresnel characteristics of continuous focusability from spot to fl ood and a smooth, homogenous light fi eld In addition it is fully color controllable, enabling correlated color temperature, greenmagenta point and RGBW colors to be set with ease Light emitted from the L7 is specifi cally calibrated for optimal reproduction on broadcast and digital cinema cameras, ensuring pleasing skin tones and vividly rendered colors Familiar but Revolutionary Quality of light begins with the fi eld Smooth intensity, uniform color, even illumination: all are traits shared by the L7 and conventional ARRI Fresnels Since Fresnels are workhorses of the lighting industry, designers and technicians now have nothing new to learn in order to use LED technology Focusability: Spot > Flood > Anywhere InBetween Versatility is the key element in traditional Fresnels, especially the ability to spot and fl ood the beam as needed Whether it’s a fl ood fi eld for a pullback shot or a tight spot for a bright highlight, the continuous focusability of the L7 performs just as expected Versatile and Controllable Beam Shaping the beam to isolate talent and set elements Cutting the fi eld to eliminate spill light Controllability is crucial to lighting, and the L7 provides the same ability as conventional Fresnels to cut and shape with barndoors and fl ags The only part missing is the heat: the L7 features a completely cool light beam, keeping talent comfortable and air conditioning costs low Hanging versions include the following base confi guration: 28mm Spigot, 15m Cable with Bare Ends PoleOperated versions include the following base confi guration: Pole Operation for Pan, Tilt and Focus, 28mm Spigot, 15 m Cable with Bare Ends StandMount versions include the following base confi guration: 28mm Spigot, Inline Switch, Onboard Controller (side panel with control knob(s) and display) Onboard controller is included only on StandMount versions DMX address and profi le selection on Hanging and PoleOperated versions can be made through RDM or the USBPC interface Order No Description L7 CColor Controllable LED Fresnel Tuneable White (2800 K 10000 K and GreenMagenta Adjustment) + Full RGBW Color Gamut 553502C L7C, Hanging, BlueSilver 553503C L7C, Hanging, Black 553504C L7C, Pole Operated, BlueSilver 553505C L7C, Pole Operated, Black 553500C L7C, StandMount, BlueSilver, 7m Cable, Edison Connector Accessories 551110 4Leaf Barndoor, True Blue, L7 / T1, 197 mm 551115 8Leaf Barndoor, True Blue, L7 / T1, 197 mm 531120 Filter Frame, L7 / T1, 197 mm 853276 Safety Cable This ARRI LSeries Datasheet (IdentNo: L590224E ) is published by Arnold & Richter Cine Technik, November 2011 © ARRI/2011 Technical data and off erings are subject to change without notice All rights reserved Without any warranty Not binding 11/2011 ARRI is a registered trademark of Arnold & Richter Cine Technik GmbH & Co Betriebs KG ARRI Inc · 600 N Victory Boulevard · Burbank, CA 915021639 · phone +1 (818) 8417070 · fax +1 (818 ) 8484028 · wwwarricom LIGHTING Product Information | November 2011 Photometric Data 3 m / 98 ft 5 m / 164 ft 7 m / 230 ft 9 m / 295 ft L7C, 3200 K Spot: 15° 4570 lx / 430 fc 1650 lx / 154 fc 840 lx / 79 fc 508 lx / 48 fc Middle: 30° 1370 lx / 128 fc 492 lx / 46 fc 251 lx / 23 fc 152 lx / 14 fc Flood: 50° 596 lx / 56 fc 214

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