PCB Stack-Up - FrontDoor

PCB Stack-Up - FrontDoor

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PCB Stack-Up Part 1. Introduction PCB stack-up is an important factor in determining the EMC performance of a product. A good stack-up can be very effective in

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Henry Ott Consultants http://www.hottconsultants.com/index.html PCB Stack-Up Part 1. Introduction PCB stack-up is an important factor in determining the EMC performance of a product. A good stack-up can be very effective in reducing radiation from the loops on the PCB (differential-mode emission), as well as the cables attached to the board (common-mode emission). On the other hand a poor stack-up can increase the radiation from both of these mechanisms considerably. Four factors are important with respect to board stack-up considerations: 1. The number of layers, 2. The number and types of planes (power & ground), 3. The ordering or sequence of the layers, and 4. The spacing between the layers. Usually not much consideration is given except as to the number of layers. In many cases the other three factors are of equal importance. Item number four is sometimes not even known by the PCB designer. In deciding on the number of layers, the following should be considered: 1. The number of signals to be routed and cost, 2. Frequency, 3. If must meet Class A or B emission requirements, 4. Will the PCB be in a shielded or unshielded enclosure, 5. The EMC engineering expertise of the design team. Often only the first item is considered. In reality all the items are of critical importance and should be considered equally. If an optimum design is to be achieved in the minimum amount of time and at the lowest cost, the last item can be especially important and should not be ignored. Multi-layer boards using ground and/or power planes provide significant reduction in radiated emission over two layer PCBs. A rule of thumb, that is often used, is that a four-layer board will produce 15

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