Parents' Letter to Cardinal Mahony

Parents' Letter to Cardinal Mahony

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Most Reverend Roger Mahony Cardinal: Archbishop of Los Angeles Archdiocese of Los Angeles.1531 West Ninth Street Los Angeles, CA~ 90015-1194 Dear Cardinal Mahony:

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Third Party Privacy Ri.qht s November 9, 1992 Most Reverend Roger Mahony Cardinal: Archbishop of Los Angeles Archdiocese of Los Angeles .1531 West Ninth StreetLos Angeles, CA ~ 90015-1194 Dear Cardinal Mahony: • You have not met us,: declining our offer, to •meet withyou in198~, r~~g us..', r auxiliary, Bishop Patrick Ziemann. Our .fiain~ ~and oin-" :be familiar to .yo.u.. You should by then 21 years of age, the statute of limitations h.' run out. Therefore, there was no-legal punishment for more than three years- of very serious on going sexual molestation under- threat to maintain his silence. " What you must know is that in Decemberof 1991, we.learned that ~ had also been sexually molested when he was • around the age of 10 by Fr. Robert Van Handel, O.F2M., founder.of t\ he Santa Barbara Boys' Choir, faculty member and sometime. Rector of Saint Anthony's Seminary in Santa Barbara. A. criminal, complaint has been filed with the Santa Barbara Police Department i.You, d~nied jua:i..'Sdi'.Ctio~i iin the e~.~!!.er..cases ÷ b~Caiase ,the.prieSt -The circleof pain, distrust and damagecaused by the:se menik OFM VANH 1. 0628 growingand becoming increasingly known in tilt community.. This is despite years and months respectively of public Church silence. • The destruction to young lives is impossible to measure or even estimate. The pain of parents,-fami!y members and other community members cannot be described in just a few words, as we consider. the betrayal and manipulation by our dearly loved and trusted priests. It is time for .the offiCial ' Church to publicly address this source of\ pain and destruction.. It refuses, to go away. It intrudes and weighs down ala the other moments of our. liveS." :We are. attemptin, g to continue our lives in the,shadow of our childre_n's suffering andour Own pain of :betrayal and loss. We spoke of these matters with your Episcopal Vicar., Reverend " Monsignor John Rohde. We asked that you be personally inforined .of. these

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