PARALLEL ENERGY LP, et al.1 Debtors.

PARALLEL ENERGY LP, et al.1 Debtors.

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Parallel Energy LP and Parallel Energy GP LLC, as debtors and debtors-in- possession horizontal wells which account for approximately 1% of the Debtors' estimated total production. 11. TX. 77032. BADGER PRESSURE CONTROL LLC. PO BOX . BIGGS FAMILY TRUST BORG, RONALD D.

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1 518185 000003 160987499 IN THE UN ITED STATES B AN KR UPTCY COUR T FOR THE D ISTR ICT OF D ELAWAR E In re: P ARALLEL EN ERGY LP , et al 1 Debtors § § § § § § Chapter 11 Case No 15 _______ (__) (Joint Administra tio n Requested) M OTION OF THE D EB TOR S TO (A) PER M IT FILIN G OF CON SOLID ATED CREDITOR MATRIX AND (B ) IM PLEM EN T CER TAIN N OTICE PR OCED UR ES Parallel Energy LP and Parallel Energy GP LLC, as debtors and debtors in possession (collectively, the “ Debtors” o r “Parallel ”) , file t his Motion to (A) Permit Filing of Consolidat ed Creditor Matrix , and (B) Implement Certain Notice Procedures (the “ Notice Procedures ”) (the “Motion”) In support of the Motion, the Debtors incorporate the Declaration of Richard N Miller in Support of Voluntary Petitions and First Day Motions (the “Miller Declaratio n ”) 2 filed contemporaneo us ly herewith R ELIEF R EQUESTED 1 By this Mo tio n, the De b to rs re sp e c tfully re q ue st the e ntry o f a n o rd e r s ub s t a nt ia lly in t he fo r m o f Ex hibit A, permitting the Debtors to file a consolidated Creditor Matrix (as define d below) and implementing certain notice procedures as described in the attached order and below JURISDICTION AND VENUE 2 This Court has jurisdiction over this matter pursuant to 28 USC §§ 1334 and 157 and the Amended Standing Order of Reference from t he United States District 1 The Debtors are Parallel Energy LP and Parallel Energy GP LLC 2 All capitalized terms not expres s ly defined herein s hall have the s ame meaning as as cribed in the Miller De claration Case 1512263KG Doc 3 Filed 11/09/15 Page 1 of 7 2 518185 000003 160987499 Court for the District of Delaware , dated February 29, 2012 This matter is a core proceeding pursuant to 28 USC § 157 3 Venue is proper pursuant to 28 USC § 1408 This is a core proceeding pursuant to 28 USC § 157 4 P ursuant to Local Rule 9013 1(f), the Debtors consent to the entry of a final judgment or order with respect to this Motion if it is determined that the Court would lack Article III jurisdiction to enter such final order or judgment absent consent of the parti es 5

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