Packing for a Long Trip to Mars - NASA's Space Place :: Home

Packing for a Long Trip to Mars - NASA's Space Place :: Home

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on “unearthly” ground—the moon, that is. It took only a few days to get to the moon, so the Apollo crewmates are planning for a trip to Mars. Assume

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Originally published in The Technology Teacher, December 2001, by the International Technology Education Association 1 It’s been over 25 years since humans set foot on “unearthly” ground—the moon, that is. It took only a few days to get to the moon, so the Apollo astronauts didn’t have time to get bored. Our next destination in the human exploration of space will probably be Mars. Although we don’t yet have any definite plans for getting there, many people are busy working on the many problems that will have to be solved to accomplish this very difficult goal. The main challenge is that Mars is much farther away than the moon. Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun, and Earth is the third planet from the Sun. It takes Earth about 365 days to make one orbit around the Sun (one Earth year). It takes Mars 687 Earth days to make its journey around the Sun. So to get to Mars, we blast off from Earth going in the same direction as Earth and Mars are both traveling around the Sun, and byadding a little speed using the spacecraft’s engines, we eventually match up with Mars’orbit and catch up to Mars itself. If we don’t care about gas mileage, we can really step on it and get there in six months! A more fuel-efficient trip takes about 11 months. So, after a six-month journey, you land on Mars and have to stay at least 19 months, until Mars and Earth approach their closest positions again before you take off for the six-month journey home. You will be gone a total of about 2-1/2 years! This is a long time to be cooped up in a spaceship or in a Mars habitat with a few other crewmates! How would you pass the time? And how would you plan for all the crewmates to get along together? Plan Ahead! Plan Ahead!Plan Ahead! Plan Ahead! Plan Ahead! Imagine you and

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