ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I HOMEWORK 1998 - Centre College - A top-ranked

ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I HOMEWORK 1998 - Centre College - A top-ranked

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Use skeletal structures whenever appropriate. On many questions you What are likely formulas for these neutral molecules? (1.24) (a) BBr? (b) CH? Cl 2

ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I HOMEWORK 1998 - Centre College - A top-ranked free download

ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I HOMEWORK 200 9 Fall DR WORKMAN For all homework problems do not simply give an answer: redraw any structures a nd/or write out the reactions The numbers in parentheses refer to problems in the textbook (7th edition) that may help y ou with the homework problems Use skeletal structures whenever appropriate On many questions you will be required to offer an explanation for an answer I will assign problems and due dates in class Questions with an "x" by them will m ost closely resemb le exam questions For problems that you make up (most of the ones with an “x”) you will be graded on difficulty and correctness Points will be taken off if the problem is too easy and/or incorrect You could be cited for plagiarism if y our problem is substantially similar to someone else’s (it’s VERY easy for me to see this) Homework is due in class on the due date Late homework will not be accepted 1 What are likely formulas fo r these neutral molecules? (124 ) (a) BBr ? (b) CH ?Cl 2 (c) NH 2F? 2 Write a Lewis structure for NO 2 Assign any formal charges on your drawing (241 ) 3 Convert both molecules below to skeletal drawings Fill in any lone pairs , assign formal charges and convert them to molecular formulas (C xHy…then a lphabetical) Label the hybridization s of each ca rbon atom in the first molecule (12 8, 12 9, 131, 241 ) 4 Convert the following molecular formulas into skeletal structures that are consistent with valence rules (give all the different possibilities) It is easier if you use your models (1 30 ) (a) C 2H4Br 2 (2 of them) (b) C Cl 5N (c) C 3H8O (3 of them) 5 What shape would you expect these species to have? Jus tify your answers (14 6, 14 7) (a) CH 3+ (a carbocation) (b) CH 3 (a carbanion) 6 Draw an orbital picture of cyanide ion , CN showing overlap of orbitals to form and bonds (1 44 : draw a three dimensional structure using wedges and hashes) You sho uld review orbitals in your CHE 131/132 textbook too see similar molecules C C C C C C C O Br C C N N O O C S C C N H H H Cl H H O H H H H 7 Convert the following into skeletal drawings ( 134 all) 8 Convert the skeletal drawing into a Kekulé structure that shows all carbo ns and hydrogens Note that there are 10 carbons — it might help to build the model (134 ) 9 Do either of the two molecules below have an overall dipole moment ? Draw a 3D representation of each molecule and s how the direction of the dipole moment, if present (227, 242 ) 10 Alcohols can act either as weak bases or weak acids Formulate the reactions of cyclobutanol (look up the structure on the internet or your tex tbook; don't think of the OH as hydroxide ion),with a strong acid, H NO3, and a strong base, LiCH 2CH3 You will be writing two balance d reactions! Use skeletal structures for the organic molecules (23 9) This problem will haunt you for 2 semesters if you d on’t understand how to do it (240) 10x Draw an organic molecule with at least 8 carbons that has two acidic hydrogens (pKa < 16) in it (you can Google organic acids to get an idea) The acidic hydrogens must be in different functional groups Show its reactions with a strong base followed by a reaction of that

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