Oracle Application Development Framework Overview

Oracle Application Development Framework Overview

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Making Java EE Development Simpler Oracle ADF is based on the Model-View-Controller Swing, and Wireless based user interfaces, allowing

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Oracle White Paper —Ora cle Application Development Framework Overview An Oracle White Paper June 20 11 Oracle Application Development Framework Overview Oracle White Paper —Ora cle Application Development Framework Overview Introduction 1 Oracle ADF – Making Java EE Development Simpler 2 THE ORACLE ADF ARCHITECTURE 3 The Business Services Lay er 5 The Controller Layer 5 The View Layer 5 The Model Layer 5 Productivity with Choice 6 Declarative Customization and Personalization 6 Integrated Security 6 ORACLE ADF BENEFITS 7 Visua l and Declarative Java EE Development 7 Benefits of Oracle ADF Over Other Frameworks 9 CONCLUSION 10 Oracle White Paper —Ora cle Application Development Framework Overview 1 Introduction Java EE is a standard, robust, scalable, and secure platform that forms the basis for many of today’s enterprise applications Java EE provides a set of specifications for building multi tier applications using the Java TM language In the past, there was a direct correlation between the robust nature of an application to the complexity required to achieve it However, with the advent of the Oracle ADF framework, you are able to provide the implementation of extremely rich Java EE applications, adhering to standard patterns and practices with greatly reduced effort Addit ionally, the increased need for organizations to build composite applications that utilize Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles has forced developers to create applications that are extremely agile Implementing these best practices in agile appl ications usually involves writing a significant amount of infrastructure code, adding another obstacle for developers building their first Java EE application In addition to providing robust, performant, and maintainable applications; Oracle Application D evelopment Framework also provides the best of breed infrastructure code to implement agile SOA based applications thereby removing the effort involved in an organization “rolling their own” and allowing a team to jump right in to adding value versus build ing an infrastructure Oracle White Paper —Ora cle Application Development Framework Overview 2 Oracle ADF – Making Java EE Development Simpler Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) is an innovative, yet mature Java EE development framework available from Oracle and directly supported and enabled by the award winning development environment, Oracle JDeveloper 11g Oracle ADF simplifies Java EE development by minimizing the need to write code that implements the application’s infrastructure allowing the developers to focus on the features of the actual applicatio n Oracle ADF provides these infrastructure implementations as part of the framework To recognize a set of runtime services is not enough, Oracle ADF is also focused on the development experience to provide a visual and declarative approach to Java EE dev elopment through the Oracle JDeveloper 11g development tool Oracle ADF implements the Model View Controller design pattern and offers an integrated solution that covers all the layers of this architecture with solution to such areas as: Object/Relational mapping, data persistence, reusable controller layer, rich Web user interface framework, data binding to UI, security and customization Extending beyond the core Web based MVC approach, ADF also integrates with the Oracle SOA and WebCenter Portal framewor ks simplifying the creation of complete composite applications For example, Oracle ADF makes it easy to develop agile applications that expose data as services by coupling a service interface to the built in business services in ADF This separation of bu siness service implementation details is performed in Oracle ADF via metadata Use of this metadata driven architecture enables application developers to focus on the business logic and user experience, rather than the details of how services are accessed Creating the user experience is as simple as drag ging and dropping the desired business services onto a visual page design er

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