on neutrosophic Soft Sets2016

on neutrosophic Soft Sets2016

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and M.Pal in [11,12] ,in their paper ,they defined “intuitionistic neutrosophic set”.In [13],. A.A.Salam, S.A.Alblowi introduced another concept called “Generalized neutrosophic set”. In [14 ] , Wang et al. application of Generalized Neutrosophic Soft Set in decision making problem. In the

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1 More on Intuitionistic Neutrosophic Soft Sets Said Broumi 1, Florentin Smarandache 2 1 Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Hay El Baraka Ben M'sik Casablanca BP 7951, University of Hassan II MohammediaCasablanca , Morocco 2Department of Mathematics, University of New Mexico , 705 Gurley Avenue, Gallup, NM 87301, USA [email protected] ; [email protected] Abstract Intuitionistic Neutrosophic soft set theory proposed by SBroumi an d F Samarandache [28 ], has been regarded as an effective mathematical tool to deal with uncerta inties In this paper new operations on intuitionistic neutrosophic soft sets have been introduced Some results relating to th e properties of these operations have been established Moreover ,we illustrate their interconnections between each othe r Keywords: Intuitionistic Neutrosophic Soft Sets, Necessity and Possibility O perations 1 Introduction The theory of neutrosophic set (NS) ,which is the generalization of the classical sets, conventional fuzzy set [1], intuitionistic fuzzy se t [2] and interval valued fuzzy set [3] ,was introduced by Samarandache [4] This concept has be en applied in many fields such as Databases [5,6 ], Medical diagnosis problem [7] ,De cision making problem [8],Topology [9 ],control theory [10] and so on The concept of neu trosophic set handle indeterminate data whereas fuzzy set theory, and intuitionstic fuzzy s et theory failed when the relation are indeterminate Later on, several researchers have extended the neu trosophic set theory, such as Bhowmik and MPal in [11,12] ,in their paper ,they defined “intuitionistic neutrosophic set”In [13], AASalam, SAAlblowi introduced another concept c alled “Generalized neutrosophic set” In [14 ] , Wang et al proposed another extension o f neutrosophic set which is” single valued neutrosophic” In 1998 a Russian researcher , Molod tsov proposed a new mathematical tool called” Soft set theory” [ 15], for dealing with un certainty and how soft set theory is free from the parameterization inadequacy syndrome of fu zzy set theory ,rough set theory, probability theory In recent time, researchers have contributed a lo t towards fuzzification of soft set theory which leads to a series of mathematical models such as Fuzzy soft set [17,18,19,20],generalized fuzzy soft set [ 21,22],p ossibility fuzzy soft set [23] and so on , therafter ,PKMaji and his coworker [24] introduce d the notion

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