OECD Report

OECD Report

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System for the Certification of Labor Skills (Sistema Nacional de Certificación de. Competencias .. These are tourism, gas and electricity, mining, themetal mechanic sector, wine growing, fruit growing, fishing In the world of work, globalization has been translated into phenomena such as high la

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RECOGNITION OF NON FORMAL AND INFORMAL LEARNING COUNTRY BACKGROUND REPORT CHILE Prepared by the Lifelong Learning System Chilecalifica in collaboration with the Higher Education Division of the Ministry of Education and National Service the T raining and Employment 2007 2 Component I: Contextual Factors Demographic Change 11a) How have the profiles (age, ethnicity, sex, socio economic backgrounds) of learners changed/diversified for overall post secondary education institutions (higher education, further education and vocational education and training, professional training, etc)? Is there any evidence of admission and graduation rates? The evidence (about enrolment or graduation rates) shows changes in the age, ethnic, gender profile s and socio economic classification of students, among others, consistent with those in post secondary education (higher education, continuous education and professional training) The evidence 1 available allows us to observe changes at distinct education al levels, especially higher education Some of these changes present new challenges to guide the development of distinct training policies Chile has experienced a deep transformation of higher education demonstrated by the explosive increase in coverag e and the diversity of institutions Access to post secondary formation has expanded enormously While in 1990 coverage reached 245, 408 students, in 2004 there were 584,949 in higher education that is more than doubling Enrolment excluding postgraduate studies had increased by 138 percent Access had expanded to those groups traditionally excluded given that the highest growth has occurred in the economically modest sectors and the middle class The gap between students of distinct quintiles has dimin ished from tenfold in 1990, to seven times a decade later In the age group 18 24, coverage has broadened from 14 percent to 37 percent by 2004 This trend will continue and as projected at the current growth rate will reach 600,000 students by 2006 (32 4 percent) and reach 800,000 in 2010 (404 percent) However we have far to go, compared to developed countries such as Spain with 51 percent and the United States with 81 percent of the relevant age group It is necessary to continue the massification of higher education particularly in professional technical education The expansion of scholarships and the income contingent credit system will allow a greater equilibrium at this level (between university and non university) directed at the middle and lower income population, and which, between 1990 and 2003, have increased their participation without this system – from 44 to 145 percent in the first quintile and from 78 to 212 percent in the second quintile Three higher education subsystems educate t echnicians; universities (142 percent), professional institutes ( Institutos Profesionales or IP ) (246 percent) and technical training centers ( Centros de Formación Técnica or

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