NEW WELDING TECHNOLOGIES Program - ISO 3834 Accreditation

NEW WELDING TECHNOLOGIES Program - ISO 3834 Accreditation

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NEW WELDING TECHNOLOGIES – THE KEY TO HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - JUNE 15 - 16, 2010 The prices for this conference are as follows;

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NEWNEW WELDINGWELDING TECHNOLOGIESTECHNOLOGIES ?? THETHE KEYKEY TOTO HIGHERHIGHER PRODUCTIVITYPRODUCTIVITY FORT LAUDERDALE, FL JUNE 15 16, 2010 The prices for this conference are as follows; Attendee Registration Rates AWS members $550 Nonmembers $680 Original Conference Description Many new welding processes and welding technologies are being introduced onto production lines and fabrication shops throughout numerous industries, including oil and gas, power, off highway equipment, pipelines, automotive, and aerospace Examples include hybrid welding, friction stir welding, fiber and disk welding, deformation resistance welding, ultrasonic stir welding, and the buried arc version of gas metal arc welding Join the AWS to see how these processes and others are improving productivity in the industry and see where you can find more solutions Other processes of interest will include laser stir welding, the method for welding aluminum involving the shaping of the arc, laser assisted arc welding, controlled SST welding, magnetic pulse welding, and the revived hot wire welding method Updated Conference Description (submitted by RI 2/24/10) A conference on some of the most promising new technologies will be held on June 1516 in Ft Lauderdale, FL Heading the list will be presentations on arc welding, laser beam welding, friction stir welding, resistance welding, and heat treating All of these presentations are aimed at generous improvements in productivity and in quality Many are already finding applications in various industries Others are next in line for acceptance The keynote speaker will be Mike Russell from The Welding Institute in the UK Dr Russell will discuss many of the new developments in friction stir welding Discussing the subject from another vantage point will be Jeff Ding from NASA, Huntsville, AL He will be covering thermal stir processing, ultrasonic stir processing Matt Short from the Edison Research Institute will describe EWI?s efforts in ultrasonic additive manufacture Another speaker who will address additive manufacture (AM) will be Scott Poeppel from Joining Technologies In this case the process involves the use of the laser to apply powder metal for AM or Cladding In arc welding, presentations will be made by Jim Cuhel of Miller Electric on shortcircuiting transfer GMA welding, by Alain Piette of SpaceForm on the company?s SuperMig? process, and Bruce Horn of Concurrent Technologies Corp (CTC) on hot wire/cold wire GTAW cladding Horn will also discuss the new weld seam facing tool process Both innovations were developed within CTC?s Navy Metalworking Center Eric Stiles from IPG Photonics will present information about the use of the fiber laser for welding, cutting, and cladding The laser will also be discussed by Paul Blomquist of Applied Thermal Sciences in his presentation on the advances being made in hybrid welding In resistance welding, there will be two talks, one by Brian Finnigin of SpaceForm and the other by Stefan Mayr of Fronius Finnagin?s presentation will be on deformation resistance welding, while Mayr will discuss his company?s new Delta Spot process The subject of heat treating will also be of interest to the audience One presentation will address the monitoring that takes place in the surveillance of heat treating as seen in Superheat FGH?s unusual new process Gary Lewis will be the speaker Miller Electric also has an innovation in heat treating Al Sherrill will discuss this development which involves induction heating NEWNEW WELDINGWELDING TECHNOLOGIESTECHNOLOGIES ?? THETHE KEYKEY TOTO HIGHERHIGHER PRODUCTIVITYPRODUCTIVITY FORT LAUDERDALE, FL ? JUNE 1516, 2010 Conference Program Tuesday, June 15, 2010 9:00 AM ? 9:10 AM Welcome Remarks Robert

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