Naming Compounds Tutorial and Worksheet

Naming Compounds Tutorial and Worksheet

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practice with some worksheet problems. First, we will Second, we will review and practice how to write the name of a compound when given the.

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1 Naming Compounds Tutorial and Worksheet Since we use different methods in naming covalent (molecular) compounds and ionic compounds, the first step in naming or writing the formula of a compound is to determine which of the 2 compound classes it belongs This can be done as follows: The only exception we will see to the above flow chart is when we see the polyatomic ion ammonium (NH 4+) combined with any anion; in th ose case s the compound is ionic even though the compound is composed of non metals only Once it is determined that the compound is ionic or covalent , the student can be asked to do either of the following: 1) Given the name of the compound, write the formula Or 2) Given the formula of the compound, write the name In this tutorial we will review the process for achieving these 2 objectives and practice with some worksheet problems First, we will review and practice how to write formulas for compounds when given the compound’s name Second, we will review and pract ice how to write the name of a compound when given the compound’s formula 2 Review of Writing Formulas for Compounds 3 Writing the Formula s of Ionic Compounds Example: Write the formula for calcium bromide 1) Write the symbol/formula of the first ion in the compound’s name, then the symbol/formula of the second ion in the compound’s name Ca Br 2) Indicate the ratio of each ion in the compound using subscripts after each ion • This step involves filling in the subscripts boxes as we did in the lecture: Ca Br • The ratio of the ions is deduced by balancing the charges of the ions • This is done so that the total charge in the crystal, when large numbers of cations and anions combine, is equal to zero • We find the ion’s charge from its position on the pe riodic table or we look it up in a table in the case of polyatomic ions • Transition metal with varying c harges will be written in the compound name in Roman numerals • First, temporarily write the charge of each ion above the ion’s symbol 2+ 1 Ca Br • Next , place numbers in the subscripts such that the total charge of the compound is zero Note that in this example, we need two bromide ions, each has a charge of (1 ) to cancel the (2+) charge of the calcium ion : • 2(1) + (+2) = 0 zero total charge 2+ 1 Ca 1 Br 2 = CaBr 2 • We saw a shortcut way to do this called the Criss Cross Method (see your chapter 3 notes)

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