MYP unit planner - Atlanta Public Schools / Overview

MYP unit planner - Atlanta Public Schools / Overview

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Conformity vs. non-conformity Empathy vs. sympathy Family (definition and importance of) Elements of fiction and poetry Narrative Writing Conventions/grammar:

MYP unit planner - Atlanta Public Schools / Overview free download

MYP unit planner Unit title Unit 1: Narrative Writing and Poetry Teacher(s) McAleer, Thomas, Terhune, Long , Adams -Fairley Subject and grade level 6th grade ELA Time frame and duration 4 to 5 weeks Stage 1: Integrate significant concept, area of i nt erac tion and unit question Area of interaction focus Which area of interaction will be our focus? Why have we chosen this? Significant concep t(s) What are the big ideas? What do we want our students to retain for years into the future? Health and Social Ed ucation We chose Health and Social Education because its focus aligns well with the transition period experienced by 6 th graders at the beginning of the year. Our first novel, Blood on the River , also ties in to Environment as we will read, write, and disc uss the impact of the settlers on Virginia and the native peoples. Conformity vs. non -conformity Empathy vs. sympathy Family (definition and importance of) Elements of fiction and poetry Narrative Writing Conventions/grammar: Intro/refresher to parts o f speech and sentence structure MYP unit question IB Focus Questions – Health and Social Education: Why do I think and act the way I do? How am I changing? How can I look after myself and others? Standards Based Questions: What are the elements of na rrative writing and how are they used in fiction? What are the elements of poetry and how do we identify them? How are the narrative poems similar and different? Theme? Conflict? Resolution? Tone? How do the

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