Mr. Dowling’s Study Sheet on Ancient Egypt

Mr. Dowling’s Study Sheet on Ancient Egypt

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torrent of water that overflows the banks of the Nile. The river picks up bits of soil and plant they could decipher the code. A French scholar named Jean

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19982001 Mike Dowling, www mrdowling com, W est Pal m B each, F lorida M r Dow ling’s St udy Sheet on Anc ient Eg ypt Th e Gift o f the Nile Like a giant snake, t he N ile Riv er slit hers t hrough some of t he driest desert on eart h t o isolat e a narrow gre en val ley T oday , more t han sixt y million p eop le live alon g t he banks of t he N ile, the w orld's longest river T he N ile w as also home t o one of t he ear liest civiliz at ions in history T oday , more t han sixt y mill ion p eople live alon g t he banks of t he N ile, t he world’s longest river The N ile w as also home t o one of t he earli est civiliz at ions in hist ory A ncient Egyp t could not have exist ed w it hout t he great river Every y ear, t he snow in t he mount ains of East A frica melt s, sending a t orrent of wat er t hat overflow s t he banks of t he N ile T he river p icks up bit s of soil and plant life call ed silt T he silt is dropp ed on t he banks of t he N ile as t he flood reced es, and cre at es excel lent t opsoil t hat p rovides tw o or t hree crops every y ear The ancient G reeks sp oke w it h envy when t hey referred t o Egy pt as “t he G ift of t he Nile” An cie nt Eg yp t was pr o tected fr o m invader s b y n atu ral bo rders  The land bey ond t he Nile River V all ey is a desert  There are several cat aract s (or large wat erfalls) along t he Nile R iver sout h of t he ancient civ iliz ation  Not many p eople vent ured int o t he sea before 1500 B C , so t he M edit erranean Sea formed a nat ural bord er (E gypt w as not invaded by t he sea unt il N ap oleon in the ninet eent h cent ury )  Enemi es could only invade E gy pt by crossing t he narrow Isthmus of Suez Th e Land of the De ad We know a great dea l more about Egy pt ian aft erlife t han we do about t heir cult ure T he Egy ptians w rot e on sheets made from stalks of p apy rus The p apy rus disint egrated over t ime in the humid cli mat e T

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