Mind Your Manners—at Work

Mind Your Manners—at Work

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Mind Your Manners: At Work . Supplement for CEV Video #643 . Pathways for Career Success

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Mind Your Manners: At Work Supplement for CEV Video #643 Pathways for Career Success Mind Your Manners: At Work Supplement for CEV Video #643 Goal: To increase the understanding of m ann ers and social etiquette in a work environm ent Objectives: 1 to learn basic manners that increase enjoyment of a work experience 2 to understand proper busi ness etiquette w hen in the workplace 3 to practice courtesies t hat encourage positive w orking relationships i Mind Your Manners: At Work Video Quiz I Multiple Choice ___ 1 The word etiquette is of French origin meaning a clock b ticket c time d manners ___ 2 A résumé should inc lude all of the following except a references b past work experiences c the amount you expect to be paid d your address ___ 3 Which of the follo wing manners should be practi ced during an interview? a honesty b preparation c confidence d all of the above ___ 4 If the interviewer asks about a spec ific skill that you do not have, you should a change the subject b lie about having the skill and hope you can learn it c admit you do not have t he skill, but offer to learn it d none of the above ___ 5 Which of the fo llowing statements is true? a You should go to interviews alone rather than in a group b There is no need for pr eparation before an interview c Never ask questions; the in terviewer will think you are prying d As long as you act profe ssional, it is OK to dress sloppy 1 Mind Your Manners: At Work Video Quiz II Multiple Choice ___ 1 You should nev er underes timate the importance of a a résumé b a sense of humor c voice mail d office gossip ___ 2 W hich of the following is not a way to make office friends? a be nicer to the boss than to coworkers b keep promises c pay back lunch obligations d lend a helping hand ___ 3 On casual day , it is acceptable to wear a your fav orite concert T shirt b sweatpants c a polo shirt d a tank top ___ 4 Which of the fo llowing statements is not true? a Do not put down so meone wit h whom you disagree b Defend a friend who is being wrongfully accused c Report to your supervisor with a daily

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