Microsoft Licensing

Microsoft Licensing

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and how licensing works. You can also discover how to save your organisation money through Microsoft Volume Licence Agreement – When purchasing

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Microsoft Licensing in Five Easy Steps MIC495 _Information _Guide .qxd 22/11/05 8:13 am Page 2 Contents Introduction 1 Step One 3 The Basics Step Two 9 Taking Stock Step Three 13 Foresight and Planning Step Four 15 Making Your Decision Step Five 23 Buying Your Licences Glossary 25 MIC495 _Information _Guide .qxd 22/11/05 8:13 am Page 3 MIC495 _Information _Guide .qxd 22/11/05 8:13 am Page 4 Introduction 1. Acquiring IT solutions for your organisation is no easy task. You’ve got to meet today’s demands whilst predicting tomorrow’s; all within a fixed purchasing strategy. And because you’ll be acquiring software – a non-tangible asset – your shareholders may not immediately see that what you are taking on is vital to the business. However you are making an important investment. Across the UK , millions of organisations invest in Microsoft ® software to meet their objectives, solve their problems and stay competitive, from desktop applications such as Microsoft Office to operating systems like Microsoft Windows ®. But while these organisations rely on Microsoft to maintain their edge and their efficiency, they don’t actually buy our software, but the right to use it.This guide is designed to explain and clarify the various ways to acquire licences for Microsoft products and give you the confidence to make the right choices for your organisation. Be confident that you’re choosing the right licence for the software you want Be confident that you’re balancing financial and IT needs Be confident that you’re complying with the law Essentially this guide is all about giving you peace of mind today and a clear reference for the future. We understand that acquiring IT solutions is a challenge, and we’d like to help, long term. MIC495 _Information _Guide .qxd 22/11/05 8:13 am Page 1 To make the whole licensing process as clear as possible, we’ve divided the information into five easy steps. Stage by stage you can begin to grasp exactly how Microsoft licenses products and how licensing works. You can also discover how to save your organisation money through Microsoft Volume Licensing. The whole point

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