Marketing Packages

Marketing Packages

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receive up to 2% of the sales price (Credit at closing) We make sure the credit works with your 2 You are set up on an automatic prospecting system & access to IDX internet sites . Realtor Digital lockbox is a key tool for real estate agents. The GE Supra lockboxes have a tiny microprocessor insi

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New Jersey Office: (Mailing Address) 1110 Hamilton Blvd, Suite 2A, South Plainfield, NJ 07080 New York Office: 1745 Broadway, 17 th Floor, New York, NY 10023 Tel: 7327272285, Fax: 7327191921 Email: [email protected] IMPORTANT NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS (KEEP ON FILE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE) LAWN SIGNS Please note that the use of a “Sale by Owner” lawn sign is NOT in your best interest Many Realtors simply will not show a home with a by owner sale sign in the lawn Our company lawn signs are available FREE; Our aut omated number automatically redirects all calls generated by the sign, to you LOCK BOXES If you are not home most of the day or cannot retur n phone calls to agents in a timely manner, then use of a REALTOR digital l ockbox is strongly recommended You can rent it from us at $199 ($80 deposit refund upon return of the lockbox) You can also order a combo lockbox from us for $29 shipping included If you do not make your home easily accessible to real estate agents, they will pass your home by for another home in your neighborhood SALES CONTRACTS & HUD1’s NO MATTER HOW YOUR HOME IS SOLD —on your own or by a realtor – you must fax us a copy of your contract when fully executed Failure to do so will result in fines to you HUD1 (closi ng statements) must also be faxed to us when the sale closes FAX: 7327191921 Realmart Realty "Buyer Rebate" Program (Up To 2% Cash Back) ARE YOU also buying a home? Our "buyer rebate" program gives you the opportuni ty to receive up to 2% of the sales price (Credit at clos ing) We make sure the credit works with your lender if you are obtaining a loan It is easy to w ork If you can surf the internet and drive a car, you will be able to receive the REBATE In today's world with the Internet it is so easy for you to be involved Please read the FAQ here: Http://WwwRealmartrealtyCom/BuyerFAQsAspx#Top The way that it works is you receive credit for you r efforts like sweat equity imagine you are building a house and the builder allows you to put in the bath rooms yourself or paint, items you are comfortable doing and in lieu of this you receive credits off of the price Well this is similar you receive the credit for doing part of the work In today's world with the Internet it is so easy for you to be involved Ok you ask "What next, what do I have to do?" 1 You sign an agreement to commit to purchase throug h Realmart Realty Certain restrictions may apply Please check the FAQ here: http://wwwrealmartrealtycom/BuyerFAQsaspx#Top 2 You are set up on an automatic prospecting system & access to IDX internet sites which show you all listings for sale from all companies which are mult iple listed 3 You go to open houses and search for the propertie s available We give you a buyers kit to assist and help you narrow down your search 4 Once you find the property of choice you contact y our assigned agent/broker they write the offer, handle all of the negotiations and steps from contract to closing or settlement, including, but not limited to assisting you with financing options, inspections,

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Order Management. Deep Link Builder. Theme Manger. Live Dynamic Packaging Search. Voucher Promotional Codes. FAQs. RSS Feed. Live Package . Faremine Scheduled Flights**. Malindoair. Southwest*. Gold Medal Net**. Malmo Aviation*. Span Air. Gold Medal Publishing Fares**. Mandala Air.

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