Marc Schachter

Marc Schachter

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Ed. Jennifer Ingleheart. Oxford: Oxford Rebecca Wilkin and Lewis Seifert, 11,000 words, submitted. “Of Tribades, Lesbian Sodomy, and Female Sperm in Premodern Juvenal Commentaries,” an essay . 1532 Orlando Furioso,” Bodies and Pleasures in Early Modernity, UCSC, Nov. 3-5, 1995. “On the 

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M ARC D AVID SCHACHTER 102 Friendly Hall • 1233 University of Oregon • Eugene, OR 97403 1233 [email protected] • ( 919 ) 491 1128 Education PhD, Literature (Pre and Early Modern Studies) , University of California at Santa Cruz, June 2000 Dissertation : “‘Voluntary Servitude' and the Politics of Friendship : Plato, Ariosto, La Boétie, Montaigne ” Pensionnaire scientifique étranger , École Normale Supérieure Fontenay/St Cloud, France, 1996 97 MA, English, University of California at Los Angeles, December 1994 AB, English (Creative Writing), Princeton University, May 1990 Faculty appointments Visiting Assistant Professor of French , Department of Romance Languages, University of Oregon, Sept 2012 June 201 4 Visiting Assistant Professor of French , Depar tment of French and Italian, Indiana University Bloomington, August 2011 July 2012 Assistant Professor, Department of Romance Studies, Duke University , July 2001 June 2009 Other academic appointments Lecturer, Department of Literature, UCSC, 2000 01 Fell ow, Introduction to the Humanities, Stanford University, Winter 2001 Grants and awards Mellon Fellowship, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC, Sept 2010 June 11 Francesco De Dombrowski Fellow, Villa I Tatti, The Harvard University Center for Ital ian Renaissance Studies, Florence, Italy, July 2009 June 10 Faculty Fellow, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Institute for the Arts and Humanities, Spring 2009 Short Term Fellowship (3 months), Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC, Fall 200 8 Franklin Grant, American Philosophical Society, 2007 A Bartlett Giamatti Prize for Younger Scholars (awarded at “The Faerie Queene in the World” conference, Yale University), 1996 Publications Book Voluntary Servitude and the Eroti cs of Friendship : F rom Classical Antiquity to Early Modern France (Ashgate: 2008) Reviews : Renaissance Quarterly 62:3 (2009): 879 80; HFrance Review 10:2 (2010): 110 13 ; Bulletin d’Humanisme et Renaissance 73:1 (2011): 241 Essays in journals Co authored with Martin Ei sner “Libido Sciendi : Apuleius, Boccaccio, and the Study of the History of Sexuality ” PMLA 124:3 (2009): 817 37 Schachter CV — 2 “Presentation of a Newly Discovered Manuscript of La Boétie's Discours de la Servitude volontaire and Hypotheses on the Datation of the BnF Manuscripts” Montaigne Studies 20 (2008) : 185 206 “Louis le Roy’s Sympose de Platon and Three Other Renaissance Adaptations of Platonic Eros” Renaissance Quarterly 59 (2006): 406 39 “‘That friendship which possesses the soul’: Montaigne Loves La Boét ie” Homosexuality in French History and Culture Spec issue of The Journal of Homosexuality 41:3 4 (2001): 522 “‘Egli s’innamorò del suo valore’: Leone, Bradamante and Ruggiero in the 1532 Orlando Furioso ” Modern Language Notes 115 (2000): 64 79 “‘L’Affaire Camus’: An Introduction and some Provocations,” Politics and Culture , 1:4 (2000): Essays in collections “Lesbian Philology Beyond the Tribade in Humanist Martial and Juvenal Commentaries” Rom osexuality (working title) Ed Jennifer Ingleheart Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 6 900 words “Some Notes on the Print History of Illustrated Italian Editions of Apuleius’ The Golden Ass ” Renaissance Studies in Honor of Joseph Connors Eds Louis A Waldman, Machtelt Israëls, Anthony D’Elia et al Harvard University Press, 2013 II: 463 468; illustrations 713 716 “The Friendship of the Wicked in Novella 12 of Marguerite de Navarre’s Heptaméron ” Discourses and Representations of Friend ship, 1500 1700 Eds Daniel T Lochman, Maritere López and Lorna Hutson Ashgate Publishing, 2010 165 180 “‘Quanto concede la Guerra’: Epic Masculinity and the Education of Desire in Tasso’s Gerusalemme Liberata ” The Poetics of Masculinity in Early M odern Italy and Spain Eds Jane Tylus and Gerry Milligan Toronto: Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies , 2010 215 41 “‘Qu’est ce que la critique’: La Boétie, Montaigne, Foucault” Montaigne After Theory/Theory After Montaigne Ed Zahi Zallou a Whitman College and University of Washington Press, 2009 122 141 Book in progress “The Uses of Desire in Early Modern Italy and France” Includes chapters on the politics of Louis le Roy’s Sympose de Platon

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