Mail Merge - SourceTap Open Source CRM

Mail Merge - SourceTap Open Source CRM

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Email Merge Main The top portion of the screen allows you to create an email template or choose an existing template. For existing templates, you can choose to Edit

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Mail Merge 1. Mail Merge Mail merge is the process of integrating data from SourceTap CRM with document templates. This is typically done for form letters and email campaigns. You can use external tools, such as Microsoft Office, to handle mail merge or use the built in email merge capabilites. 2. Using External Tools for Mail Merge The simplest way to use mail merge is to create a report and export it to CSV format. Then you can use Microsoft Word or any other tool with document merge capabilities to create a merge document. You can also use Microsoft Outlook to handle email merge. See the documentation for your word processing application for more information on merging documents with data. 3. Using the Built-In Email Merge Capabilities SourceTap CRM has built-in email merge functionality. To access it, choose the "Email Lists" option from the main menu. This will give you the email list page, as shown below: Page 1 Copyright © 2004 SourceTap All rights reserved. Email Merge Main The top portion of the screen allows you to create an email template or choose an existing template. For existing templates, you can choose to Edit, Duplicate, or Delete them. Duplicate allows you to create a new template based off of an existing template. The bottom portion of the screen allows you to choose a list of people to send the email to. This list should be either a list of Leads or a list of Contacts. For more information on lists, see Working with Lists . You can also choose to override the "To" address in the template to a static address, which is useful for testing purposes. Before sending any mass mailings out, it is recommended that you test the template on a small list and that you fill in your email address in the "Override" field. Once the template has been sent to you successfully, you can then resend it to the the correct recipients by clearing the "Override" field. The template

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