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Natural Interfaces for the Shape Genesis and Improvement in Artefact Design . analytical study, can nowadays be carried out, using digital representation methods, in the same way as it . short: the numerical representation is discrete and not continuous, approximate and not precise, as instead.

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McG ra w H ill Nexus PhD Day Relationships between Ar chitectur e and Mathematics Michela Rossi (editor) Nexus PhD Day Relationships between Ar chitecture and Mathematics Proceedings of the Nexus 2012 Relationships betweenArchitecture and Mathematics PhD Day and Poster Session M cG ra w H ill 73337 �   Michela Rossi (editor) Nexus PhD Day Relationships between Ar chitectur e and Mathematics Michela Rossi (editor) � � � Print On Demand McGrawHill wwwmcgrawhillit www ateneonlineit ePOD T he IX edition of the International Conference NexusR elationships between Architectur e and Mathematics at P olitecnico di Milano, sponsor ed by D epar tment of Industrial Design and Depar tment of Mathematics co mpris es a wor kshop dedicated to P hD students The event is sponsor ed by the Politecnico PhD School and the Design PhD program of Depar tment INDA CO and b y the National (I talian) PhD School in “Science of R epresen tation and Ar chitectural Survey ” The “Nexus PhD Day ” is meant to be an international and multidisciplinar y meeting between PhD students inv olved in scientific resear ches in th e fields that are connected to the topic of the Confer ence It intends to promote didactic and r esearch ex changes tr ough interactions betw een various schools fr om different countries This will give the oppor tunity to PhD students and young PhD fellow, who have di fensed their thesis in 2010 or later , to sho w their work to a large international academic community , by the oral presentation of sele cted lectur e and a poster session related to the confer ence one, to impr ove a meeting among people working on similar issues, generally concerning the r elationships between Architectur e and Mathematics in all the differ ent scales of design The papers that ar e presented in the P hD Day and those only published in the printed pr oceedings were select ed with double blind r eview fr om anonimous r evisers G ener al topics: – Theor y and analysis of design in ar chitecture, landscape and ar tefacts – Design grammars, morphology , parametrical transformation – Complex shapes and str uctures in ar chitectur e and industrial design – Harmony and ar chitecture (music and pr oportions) – The digital ‘lectur e’: a syntesis of histor y, science and ar chitetcture – The digital model: inno vativ e methods of sur vey and r epresentatio n – Realworld data shape r epresentation: fr om mathematics to visualization Scientific committee: M arco G aiani (U niversità di Bologna, I taly) Cornelie Leopold ( TU Kaiserslautern, G ermany Department of Ar chitecture) E die M iglio (P olitecnico di M ilan, Italy – D epartment of M athematics) B ranko M itrović (UNITEC I nstitute of Tecnology – A uckland – New Z ealand) F rancesco Trabucco (P olitecnico di M ilano, Ita ly – Depertement INDA CO) J oão P edro Xavier (F acultade de Ar quitectura da U niversidade do P orto – P ortugal) M aria Z ack (P oint Loma N azarene U niversity – S an Diego – USA) Dir ector: M ichela Rossi (Politecnico di M ilano, Italy – D epertment INDA CO) S ecr etar y: G iuseppe Amor uso (Politecnico di M ilano, Italy – D epertment INDA CO) DIP A RTIM EN

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