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“The (Luo) people had no great love for the land on which they lived, as long as there was enough of it for their cattle, and their crops .

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LUO CIRCUMCISION RITES © Dan Omondi K’Aoko 1986 DEDICATED TO: RAMOGI AJWANG, THE LUO TRADITIONAL ANCESTOR. Ruth Benedict (1939), in a discussion of rites that mark the passage of individuals to adult status, suggests that what we need to know about such rites is “what is identified in different cultures with the beginning of adulthood and what are their methods of admitting novitiates to the new status?” CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT INTRODUCTION CHAPTERS o THE OKOKO METHOD (SOLDIER ANT METHOD) o THE WINO METHOD (THE FLY WHISK METHOD) o THE OPILA METHOD (SUGARCANE RIND METHOD) o TUCHRUOK METHOD (THE PIERCING METHOD) o RIDHRUOK METHOD (PEELING METHOD) o SIGNIFICANCE AND MEANING OF LUO CIRCUMCISION o THE PREVALENCE OF LUO CIRCUMCISION RITE IN CONTEMPORARY LUO LIFE o THE FUTURE AND EFFECTS OF CONTEMPORARY CHANGE ON LUO CIRCUMCISION o CONCLUSION o GLOSSARY o BIBLIOGRAPHY o ABOUT THE AUTHOR DAN OMONDI K’AOKO ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I’m indebted to Professor Kokwaro of the Chiromo campus of the University of Nairobi for helping me with the scientific names of the botanical plants described in the glossary. Thanks also to Honourable Grace Ogot, the Assistant Minister for Culture and Social Services for agreeing to read through the original manuscript and her critical comments that has shaped the final script. Not to forget lecturers of the University of Nairobi and students who willingly discussed the treatise with pg. 1 me. Finally I would like to commend all those who participated towards the success of this book, the list of their names is too long to mention here. INTRODUCTION In contemporary times, the definition of terminology is constantly changing, and the concept of circumcision is no exception. Today we can talk meaningfully of ‘female circumcision’ yet

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