Life Science Worksheet

Life Science Worksheet

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A Resource Book for the Biological Science, Harcourt, Brace, and World, Inc. Grade 8. CELLS. Classroom Assessment Example SCI.III.1.MS.1. Based on all the cell samples they have observed, students will create a product providing evidence that all living Houghton Mifflin, 1967. To the Top of 

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1 Life Science Worksheet GRADE LEVEL: Eight Topic: Cells Grade Level Standard: 81 Apply an understanding of cells to the functions of multicellular organisms Grade Level Benchmark: 1 Demonstrate evidence that all parts of living things are made up of cells (III1MS1) Learning Activity(s)/Facts/Information Central Question : What are cells? 1 Compare and contrast cell structure and processes 2 “Looking At Yeast Cells” Note how rapidly yeast cells increase in number  3 “Cellebration”   Activity is attached Resources Saginaw/Midland County Science Curriculum pages 14831490 Process Skills: New Vocabulary: plants, animals, tissues, organs, organ system, paramecium, elodea leaf cells, onion skin cells, human cheek cells 2 LOOKING AT YEAST CELLS OBJECTIVE Students will identify the basic functions of a cell SCIENCE PROCESSES Observing Measuring Communicating TEACHER SUGGESTIONS Introduction of cell division and growth Experiment may be extended for several lessons DESCRIPTION Looking at yeast cells and observing their growth GROUP SIZE Dependent on number of microscopes EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS Covered glass container (quart jars) Microscopes Slides and cover slides 1/4 teaspoon yeast, powdereddry Eye droppers 1 pint warm water Table sugar PROCEDURE At least 12 hours before class, make up the following two solutions: Mixture # 1 1/4 teaspoon powdered yeast 1 pint warm water 1 Place mixture in a quart jar with a cover and let stand until dissolved 2 Mix thoroughly each time before using 3 Mixture should last one week, then a new solution should be made 3 Mixture # 2 1 cup water 1 tablespoon table sugar 1 tablespoon mixture # 1 (yeast and water) 1 Place in a jar and mix 2 Cover loosely 3 Allow to stand for 12 hours so that the yeast cells will begin to divide NOTE: At the start the yeast cells will divide rapidly in this mixture, but will stop dividing about four days later EVALUATION Discussion of questions on the following pages These pages are to be duplicated for the students ADDITIONAL RESOURCE A Resource Book for the Biological Science , Harcourt, Brace, and World, Inc TAKEN FROM Science in a Sack 4 LOOKING AT YEAST CELLS Make a slide using a small drop of yeast and table sugar mixture and a cover slip 1 What does a yeast cell look like? 2 Draw a picture of several cells 3 Can you tell the difference between a yeast cell and a small air bubble? 4 How big is a yeast cell? 5 EXAMINING YEAST CELLS THE NEXT DAY The next day make another slide of the yeast and table sugar mixture and examine it 1 Do you notice any differences in the size of the cells? 2 If so, are the cells larger or smaller than before? 3 Is there any difference in the number of cells in the area you can see? 4 If you think there is a change in the number of cells, how can you be sure? 6 HOW RAPIDLY DO YEAST CELLS INCREASE IN NUMBER? 1 Why is it important to shake or stir the mixture of yeast and table sugar before taking a sample? Examine the slide you made using a microscope: 2 How many yeast cells did you count in the area you can see? 3 What time was it when you made the count? 4 If your microscope has more than one eyepiece, which one did you use? 5 Which objective lens did you use? 6 Why must you use the same lenses each time you make a count? Now move the slide and count another group of cells: 7 How many cells did you count this time? 8 Why is it important to count more than one area of your sample? 9 What is the average of the counts you have made? 7 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) CELL EBRATION You are going to examine a variety of cells under the microscope Remember that the thinner the specimens are, the clearer the cells will appear All of the specimens must be wet mounted This means that you must be sure that the specimen is wet, and then you must press it flat against the slide Add the appropriate dye, spread it evenly over the specimen, and set a cover slip on top Tap the cover slip gently to remove any bubbles Examine the specimen under LOW POWER ONLY 1 E LODEA LEAF

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