Legacies, Change and Transformation in the PostApartheid City

Legacies, Change and Transformation in the PostApartheid City

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Urban Sociological Cartography South Africa, to show that the spatial legacies of apartheid are powerful, and much of the city has undergone

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Legacies, Change and Transformation in the Post-Apartheid City: Towards an Urban Sociological Cartography DANIEL SCHENSUL and PATRICK HELLER Abstract ijur_980 1..32 The post-apartheid city represents an important test case for assessing how the spatial dimensions of social inequality shape the dynamics of urban transformation. Most analyses of urban segregation have focused on race or class as key drivers of mobility or maintenance, for instance in the classic spatial assimilation versus place strati?cation debate. Yet the mechanisms of segregation and mixing play themselves out differently according to urban spatial structure. We use the case of Durban, South Africa, to show that the spatial legacies of apartheid are powerful, and much of the city has undergone little change since apartheid. Through a spatial analysis at the neighbourhood level, we also ?nd that even in the short time between 1996 and 2001 a signi?cant number of neighbourhoods experienced measurable shifts in their racial and socio-economic composition. We develop what we call asociological cartographyof the city, which shows how race, class and space have combined to generate three distinct but interconnected types of stasis and transformation: the racialized city, the class-strati?ed city and the transformed city. The racialized city is the most direct legacy of apartheid spatial development, encompassing neighbourhoods composed of essentially a single race group. In the class-strati?ed city, multiple race groups of similar class status are represented. Finally, the transformed city represents new con?gurations that cut across both race and class divisions of the apartheid city. Introduction It is now widely acknowledged in urban sociology that space re?ects and reinforces inequality. Nowhere is this more obviously true and trenchant than in South Africa, where the social, economic and racial divisions of apartheid were spatially constructed. Post-apartheid South Africa presents an important and uniquely powerful lens for examining the dynamic relationship between space and inequality. On the one hand, the apartheid city produced a stark, compartmentalized and highly legible spatial hierarchy of race, class and access. On the other hand, the end of the

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