Launching Writer's Corner

Launching Writer's Corner

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industry! Writer's Corner – Health Biz India's Unique & First-of-its-kind Initiative for all the writers inside of you Pune: Aditya Birla Memorial. Hospital 

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Vol 5 Issue 12 March 2016 `120 Leisure Travel India is known to have a total of around 1,301 species of birds pg 40 Strategy Applying effective hospital revenue cycle management practices for growth pg 28 Special Feature A twist in the way you see and manage your health and fitness pg 35 Industry Trends The value of vaccination extends beyond positive health outcomes pg 31 Launching Writer’s Corner A firstofitskind healthcare writing contest brought to you by Health Biz India Pg 18 Anniversary Special 3 Welcome to the Anniversary Issue of Health Biz India! Dear Readers, A warm welcome to yet another powerpacked Anniversary edition, in a sma\ rt, sleek look!So, what’s new this year? Well, a lot To begin with, Health Biz Indi\ a will go sleeker and smarter Our website is undergoing a facelift to become more\ user friendly, more informative and more global There will be several new sections launched and online presence will be given a huge boost going ahead As we all know that the future is in goi\ ng digital; and Health Biz India’s endeavour right since we launched was\ to focus more and more on a technologydriven platform Every month, we will be launching new products that will be the best fea\ ture of this year This month, we are starting with the Firstever Writing Contest to be he\ ld in the healthcare industry! Writer’s Corner – Health Biz India’s Unique & Firstofitskind\ Initiative for all the writers inside of you As a magazine, we value the writing skills that many healthcare professi\ onals posses However, a hectic schedule in the healthcare industry usually makes the writer in y\ ou take a back seat This is the time to unleash that beast within and go fullthrottle! Get cracking on that topic that’s sitting in your mind since months \ Open the halfbaked file that’s hidden somewhere in your laptop since forever and start whipping a delic\ ious assortment of words A lot of people write to us expressing their likeness to pen down articl\ es for Health Biz India For all those writers out there, here is a chance to win yourself an Exclusi\ ve Section of your own The process is simple Every month we will send out topics for that part\ icular month’s contest and set a deadline for sending the entries Participants will also be given \ 3 topics every month The announcement will be made on our website as well on the 5th of Every\ Month Interested writers can send us their entries via email to a specific ema\ il ID that we have mentioned inside the magazine Every month, a winner too, shall will be announced\ More details can be found inside this edition So, what are you waiting for? Release the writer inside of you and grab \ that Exclusive Column for yourself! Happy Writing! Jayata SharmaSand editor from tHe Health Biz India March 2016 4 Editor Jayata SharmaSand Special Correspondents Juhi K Tehzeeb Lalani Editorial Contributors Dr AK Khandelwal Avirat Shete Marketing & Sales Regional Sales Head (New Delhi) Bhupesh Tewari Art & Design Glowrt Design House Cover Design Pramod Jadhav Online Production Bhushan Shirsat Disclaimer: Health Biz India is an online maga zine only We do not deal in any other service/ product under this name Views and opinions expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of Health Biz India, its Publisher and/or Editors We, at Health Biz India do our best to verify the information published but do not take any responsibility for the absolute accuracy of the information Health Biz India does not take the responsibility for any investment or decision taken by readers based on the information provided in the maga zine No part of this magazine

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