Latest Pneumatic Controls Improves Edge Folding Machine

Latest Pneumatic Controls Improves Edge Folding Machine

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Balluff, Inc. 8125 Holton Drive Florence, KY 41042 1-800-543-8390 Case Study: Latest Pneumatic Controls Improves Edge Folding Machine

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Balluff, Inc.  8125 Holton Drive Florence, KY 41042  1-800-543-8390  Case Study: Latest Pneumatic Controls Improves Edge Folding Machine When Kimastle Corporation/Dager Systems (Chester? eld, MI) started looking for an updated control architecture for their new generation of Edge Folding machines, they had a vision ? to elevate the industry standard for dimensional stability and adjustability while controlling costs. During their investigation of the controls market, Kimastle Corp./Dager Systems approached Balluff, a long-term sensor supplier. Balluff?s Distributed Modular I/O proved to be a perfect solution for their advanced Edge Folding machine. According to Moe VanPeteghem, Controls Manager for Kimastle Corp./ Dager Systems, ?The modularity and expandability were top priorities. We have multiple tools that can be changed out as well future expansion requirements.? VanPeteghem continued, ?However, these functional priorities cannot add to the cost of the machines.? Balluff presented Kimastle Corp./Dager Systems with their expandable I/O solutions incorporating IO-Link as the core technology. This point-to-point technology is simple, fast and best of all, extremely cost effective. Within this technology is the unique ability to network pneumatic manifolds without adding additional nodes to the network. This technology allows a single Ethernet/IP node to expand its functionality without increasing the cost and complexity of adding network nodes. According to VanPeteghem, ?The IO-Link technology was seamless. We didn?t even have to change our pneumatic manifold valves. We just kept the same manifold and used the IO-Link 25-D connectors tied back to the Ethernet/IP node.? With cost always a prime concern, attention was focused on lowering the cost to connect the pneumatic valve manifolds to the network. In their previous systems, Kimastle Corp./Dager Systems used either a network communications adaptor or parallel cables back to the PLC I/O. VanPeteghem stated, ?We saved an average of $350 in hardware cost per manifold by eliminating

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