Kumihimo (Japanese braiding) - Lynnette's Webpage

Kumihimo (Japanese braiding) - Lynnette's Webpage

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braid that descends through the mirror’s center hole. The handheld Kumihimo disks are a modern adaptation of the marudai that allows for portable braiding.

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Se ptember 2006 Kumihimo Class Handout ©Debbie Coyle Kumihimo (Japanese braiding) By Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios Kumihimo is the Japanese word for braiding (kumi = to braid, himo = cord). It encompasses many types and shapes of braids done in many different methods with the aid of man y different tools. Traditionally Kumihimo is done with dyed silk threads, although current Kumihimo braiders use everything from silk thread to metal wire. Braiding has a long history in Japan; it can be traced as far back as 7,500 BC. During the Asuja er a (552 -645) Korean silk braiding techniques were introduced into Japan, by the Nara era (645 -784) the Korean style braids were in use for religious and secular purposes. During the Heian period (784 -1184) the “braids became truly Japanese, complex in struc ture and sophisticated in design” 1. During the Middle Ages -- the Kumakura (1185 -1333), Muromachi (1333 -1573), and Monoyama (1563 -1614) eras – the rise of the Samurai warriors created a great need for Kumihimo, 800 -1,000 ft of braid (in 8 ft lengths) was used for each suit of armor! The braids were also used for wrapping sword hilts, horse harnesses, tea ceremony accessories, obi ties, and more. These braids were many different shapes, textures, designs, and widths Kumihimo as it is currently practiced i s worked on several different stands.

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