Knowledge Representation

Knowledge Representation

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Next: What to Represent? Up: Artificial Intelligence II Previous: Exercises Knowledge Representation !What to Represent? !Using Knowledge !Properties for Knowledge Representation Systems !Approaches to Knowledge Representation "Simple relational knowledge "Inheritable knowledge !Inferential Knowledge "Procedural Knowledge !Issue in Knowledge Representation !Summary and the way forward !Further Reading dave @cs.c Page 1 of 1 Knowled ge Re presentation 28/08/01 htt p:// Next: Using Knowledge Up: Knowledge Representation Previous: Knowledge Representation What to Represent? Let us first consider what kinds of knowledge might need to be represented in AI systems: Objects -- Facts about objects in our world domain. e.g. Guitars have strings, trumpets are brass instruments. Events -- Actions that occur in our world. e.g. Steve Vai played the guitar in Frank Zappa's Band. Performance -- A behavior like playing the guitar involves knowledge about how to do things. Meta -knowledge -- knowledge about what we know. e.g. Bobrow's Robot who plan's a trip. It knows that it can read street signs along the way to find out where it is. Thus in solving problems in AI we must represent knowledge and there are two entities to deal with: Facts -- truths about the real world and what we represent. This can be regarded as the knowledge level Representation of the facts which we manipulate. This can be regarded as the symbol level since we usually define the representation in terms of symbols that can be manipulated by programs. We can structure these entities at two levels the knowledge level -- at which facts are described the symbol level -- at which representations of objects are defined in terms of symbols that can be manipulated

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