Kettlebells - American Council on Exercise | ACE | ACE Fit

Kettlebells - American Council on Exercise | ACE | ACE Fit

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like the simple, total-body exercises. Given kettlebells’ surge in popularity, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) decided to look into the science

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I t’s funny how workout trends come and \fo, and how a centuries o\bd piece of cast iron can inspire \be\fions of exercisers in 2010 That’s the way it seems to be \foin\f for the \food o\b’ kett\bebe\b\b These cannonballshaped iron orbs with handles lifted in a swin\bin\b motion were developed by Russian stron\b men in the early 1700s as a way to build stren\bth\f bal ance\f flexibility and endurance quickly And they do work well If you want proof (at least anecdotal)\f rent the film epic 3\b\b and take a look at the physique of lead actor Gerard Butler who plays Kin\b Leonidas of Sparta Butler used kettlebells to prepare for his role in the film But it’s not just Hollywood types who are \bettin\b into it Kettlebellthemed fitness classes are now bein\b offered at \byms across the country “It’s \breat because it brin\bs cardio and stren\bth trainin\b to\bether in one quick exercise\f” says Michael Shade\f kettlebell instructor at Sports Club/LA in Miami “Instead of liftin\b wei\bhts for a half hour and doin\b the treadmill for another half hour\f you can \bet everythin\b done with kettlebells in 20 minutes”Shade says that in his \bym\f kettlebells went from \batherin\b dust in the corner to becomin\b so popular there is now a wait in\b list for his weekly kettlebell bootcamp classes There are even kettlebellonly \byms openin\b around the country that attract exercisers who really like the simple\f totalbody exercises Given kettlebells’ sur\be in popularity\f the American Council on Exercise (ACE) decided to look into the science behind this workout trend The Stud\b To analyze the ener\by cost and exercise intensity of kettlebell workouts\f ACE enlisted the help of the research experts at the University of Wisconsin\f La Crosse Exercise and Health Pro\bram The team\f led by John Porcari\f PhD\f and Chad Schnettler\f MS\f recruited 10 volunteers\f male and female\f a\bes 29 to 46 years\f all of whom were experienced in kettlebell trainin\b “They [kettlebell enthusiasts] make these allencompassin\b claims about increasin\b your muscular stren\bth\f endurance and aerobic capacity with kettlebells\f like\f if you do this\f that’s all you need to do\f” says Porcari “So we wanted to look and see how much of an aerobic workout you really do \bet and how many calories you really burn” Prior to be\binnin\b the actual study\f each volunteer was \biven a maximal exercise test on a treadmill while oxy\ben consumption and heart rate were constantly monitored Next\f they surveyed each subject and their ratin\bs of per ceived exertion (RPE) for the treadmill test Once a fitness baseline was established\f each subject returned to the Human Performance Laboratory on a separate day to perform a fiveminute kettlebell V • O2max snatch test to establish a baseline of their specific kettle Twice the Results in Half the Time? By Chad Schnettler, MS, J\fhn P\frcari, PhD, and Carl \b\fster, PhD, with Mark Anders Exclusive ACE research examines the fitness \fenefits of kettle\fells Kettle\fells: 6 January/fe\fruary 2010 \b ACe fitnessmatters This study was funded solely by the Ame\fican Council on E\be\fcise Continued on page \r16 This study was funded solely by the Ame\fican Council on E\be\fcise bell fitness For this test\f the subjects used a 12\f 16\f or 20kilo \bram kettlebell (dependin\b on their \bender\f body wei\bht\f fitness level\f and experience level) swin\bin\b it onehanded between their le\bs and up and over the head in a snatch motion The subjects continuously performed snatches to a specific cadence durin\b each minute\f switchin\b to the opposite hand for the snatch every other minute The maximal kettlebell test format went like this: • First

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