John Ashmead's resume

John Ashmead's resume

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DBA for PostgreSQL at Ruby-on-Rails site for Bauer Publishing. 8/13-now Physics dissertation at University of Pennsylvania, on “Time & Quantum . Oracle 8 and Informix 7 databases using ESQL/C & Pro*C, PL/SQL, Perl, and.

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John Ashmead Ashmead Software & Consulting, Inc 139 Montrose Ave Rosemont, PA 19010 610 5279560 Cell 610 247 2323 [email protected] http://wwwashmeadsoftwarecom/ SUMMARY: Design, build, and enhance relational databases in a variety of sectors with particular emphasis on reliability, performance, and easeofmaintenance SPECIALTIES: Relational Database Development, C and C++ Programming, Database Administration, UNIX System Administration, Web Development, Multimedia SOFTWARE: Databases: MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix, Oracle, Access, Filemaker, File, Ingres, Omnis, others Languages: SQL (VARIOUS DIALECTS), STORED PROCEDURES (VARIOUS DIALECTS); C, C++; PERL, PHP; RUBY, PYTHON; HTML, XML; UNIX SHELL (VARIOUS DIALECTS); MATHEMATICA, SAGE, RELATED Operating Systems: UNIX (LINUX, MAC OSX, SCO, BSD, OTHERS ), WINDOWS, DOS SECTORS: Startups, Security, Physics, Financial Services, Media & Advertising, Health Care, Telecom, Publishing, Education, Legal, others Current 1/14now DBA for PostgreSQL at RubyonRails site for Bauer Publishing 8/13now DBA for large SQL Server database for LDV Law, ensuring system conformant to best practice in regards to reliability, security, and so on 5/13now Maintenance of PostgreSQL at Rubyonrails web site for American Board of Allergies & Immunology 1/13now MySQL, Filemaker & InDesign support for Fertiserv, an international fertilizer trading company 9/12now Philly PostreSQL User Group: organizer Talks on PostgreSQL: RubyonRails & PostgreSQL, Installing PostgreSQL & PostGIS 1/12now Development and support of web & mobile MySQL database to help make the construction of maps & related infographics easier Uses JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, SVG, & PHP 2/11now Database & security consulting for Herz NLP General consulting & database support for patented security tool using evolutionary algorithms to detect threats 1/11now Physics dissertation at University of Pennsylvania, on ?Time & Quantum Mechanics? Various talks on this at physics conferences Dissertation done in Mathematica, Sage, Python, LyX, BibDesk, & related technologies Currently working on experimental test section, incorporating conference feedback 9/10now PostgreSQL & MySQL consulting for Philly startup community Participated in several hackathons Academic & Educational 3/0610/10 Specifying, designing, building, & testing distributed operational & student tracking databases using SQL Server 2008 & 2005, web services, and related technologies for a school district with 12,000 students West Chester Area School District 12/051/06 Designed & taught course on SQL Server installation, administration, & development Computeach 6/067/10 Enhancements to webbased course tracker & scheduler using MySQL, Perl 7/0510/05 Wrote webbased course tracker & scheduler using MySQL & Perl Tracks student course preferences, schedules them automatically into appropriate courses respecting practical and academic requirements Does database style validation using CGI Haverford & Bryn Mawr Colleges Financial Services 1838 Investment Advisors 11/047/05 Wrote code generator that builds new stored procedures at a rate of 20,000 lines/minute Wrote Access & Excel applications to merge data from SQL Server & Informix databases to meet business intelligence targets Provided backend support using Informix stored procedures for ecommerce website Built business intelligence datamart in SQL Server to support corporate decision making Built XML parser to move business data around easily in a heterogeneous environment 7/03?5/04 Administered Informix Online 92 databases running on Solaris 9 servers using C++, ESQL/C, Perl, Bourne & Korn shells Improved reliability while reducing time spent on maintenance Automated critical functions, ie built disk management tools using C++, Perl, database management tools using Perl and Ace Trained client personnel in administration of databases and servers 11/03?2/04 Ported SalesLogix Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system written in Oracle 9 PL/SQL to SQL Server 2000/TransactSQL (both on Windows 2000) Improved upload time from three days to fifteen minutes, letting financial product sales force get daily rather than monthly updates Developed and

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