Job Satisfaction Survey

Job Satisfaction Survey

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Psych Press - Talent Management Psychologists 2 1. Introduction 1.1 Su rvey Objectives The primary objective of the employee satisfaction survey is to provide ABC

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E Job Satisfaction Survey Sample report Prepared By: Psych Press - Talent Management Psychologists Please direct queries to Daniel Fruchter Manager / Psychologist Psych Press, Level 1, 224 Queen Street Melbourne VI C 3000 AUSTRALIA Telephone 1300 308 076 or +61 3 9670 0590 - Facsimi le +61 3 9642 3577 Email: [email protected] Website: Psych Press - Talent Management Psychologists 2 1. Intr od uc tio n 1.1 Su rvey O bjectives The primary objective of the employee satisfaction survey is to provide ABC with a means to identify key employee concerns that may presently e xist within the organisation. More specifically, the objectives of the employee satisfaction survey are:  To measure employee attitudes across a range of key cultural and performance dimensions,  To align management and employee expectations in or der to facilitate greater productivity within the workplace environment,  To allow workplace satisfaction to be measured (or benchmarked) over time. 1.2 Su rvey P rocess The employee satisfaction survey posed to all emplo yees 54 questions considered critical to the continual success of ABC. All employees at ABC were given the opportunity to participate in the survey

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