IRS e-file Frequently Asked Questions - Internal Revenue Service

IRS e-file Frequently Asked Questions - Internal Revenue Service

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broadband and Internet connection. If your adjusted gross income was $56,000 or less in 2008, The error rate is less than 1 percent,

IRS e-file Frequently Asked Questions - Internal Revenue Service free download

IRS efile Frequently Asked Questions What is efile? efile allows taxpayers and tax preparers to file federal and most state tax returns electronically through software programs or online Software programs are available for purchase in stores and through online companies Most tax preparers use software, too To efile, taxpayers or preparers enter tax information into the tax software program The software checks for completeness and math errors then transmits the return electronically to the IRS via modem, broadband and Internet connection Electronically preparing and filing your taxes can be free if you go to IRSgov and select Free File Free File now offers two completely free options to electronically prepare and file your tax return If your adjusted gross income was $56,000 or less in 2008, you are eligible to electronically prepare and file your taxes at IRSgov for free with Free File Free File is a partnership with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and a group of leading industry tax preparation software companies called the Free File Alliance, Inc A new Free File option is available this year Taxpayers can now complete their tax returns using a fillable electronic tax form on IRSgov Taxpayers complete the form, an electronic version of the paper form, by entering the num bers they would write on their paper form The electronic form calculates the math When complete, taxpayers simply send the form electronically directly to the IRS Is there a charge to efile? This year, some tax software companies have waived the fee for filing, so taxpayers should shop around Taxpayers should check with their software provider about fees What are the benefits of using efile? efile is growing in popularity each year with almost 90 million tax returns submitted electronically in 2008 It offers so many mo re benefits than filing with a paper return: 4 Greater accuracy The error rate is less than 1 percent, reducing the possibility that taxpayers will receive an error letter from the IRS 4 Faster refund in as little as 10 days with Direct Deposit 4 File Now Pay Later Taxpayers can electronically file their returns and pay by April 15 th 4 Allows federal and state returns (for most states) to be filed at the same time 4 Email acknowledgement typically within 24 hour s of submission of receipt of tax return 4 Saves paper efile saves a lot of paper In the past ten years, the IRS has steadily decreased the number of tax packages mailed each year by over 36 million due to efile—and that benefits all of us 4 Safe and secure With multiple stateoftheart security systems in place, you’ll know your privacy is protected 4 Easy to use Does a taxpayer receive the same benefits if they use tax preparation software then print and mail the return to the IRS? No Forms that are electronically prepared, but then printed and mailed, are treated the same as forms prepared by hand The IRS must rekey the information, which can result in transcription errors Also, it takes weeks longer for the IRS to contact paper filers about errors or provide a tax refund Last Update: January 9, 2009 Page 1 of 2 IRS efile Frequently Asked Questions Do taxpayers need to submit Forms W2, W2G, W2GU and Form 1099R to the IRS? No The requirement to attach Forms W2, W2G, W2GU and Form 1099R has been eliminated for electronically filed returns However,

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