Introduction to Psychology Classical and Operant Learning Quiz

Introduction to Psychology Classical and Operant Learning Quiz

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provides positive or negative reinforcement. D) the consequences that influence the likelihood of the behaviors are called what? A) are synonyms for A)

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Introduction to Psychology Classical and Operant Learning Quiz Page 1 of 6 Multiple Choice _____ 1 ) Jenna walks into her science class laboratory, and she immediately feels queasy Today is the day her class is dissecting frogs and she is sickened by the smell of the formaldehyde However, after an hour Jenna is no longer sickened because of what process? A) classical conditioning B) habituation C) operant conditioning D) her reflexes E) spontaneous recovery _____ 2 ) The two main types of behavioral learning are A) reflexive responses and shaping B) insight learning and operant c onditioning C) classical conditioning and operant conditioning D) social learning and observational learning E) reinforcement and insight learning _____ 3 ) W hile studying __________, __________ discovered __________ conditioning A) monkeys; Skinner; oper ant B) rabbits; Watson; observational C) digestion; Pavlov; classical D) mental events; Plato; aerobic E) dogs; Bandura; insight _____ 4 ) W hen Pavlov first presented a tone to the dog, the dog's first response was A) a classically conditioned response B) an orienting response C) an operant response D) a negative reinforcer E) insight learning _____ 5 ) An unconditioned stimulus is any stimulus that ________________ A) triggers a learned response B) is based upon its association with another unconditioned stimulus C) provides positive or negative reinforcement D) naturally elicits a reflexive behavior E) causes a stoppage in previously learned behavior _____ 6 ) W hat is t he behavior elicited by the unconditioned stimulus called ? A) conditioned stimulus B) conditioned response C) unconditioned response D) reflex action E) neutral response Introduction to Psychology Classical and Operant Learning Quiz Page 2 of 6 _____ 7 ) Following classical conditioning, what was the __________ stimulus is now called the conditioned stimulus A) operant B) neutral C) unconditional D) orienting E) variable _____ 8 ) In classical conditioning, __________ occurs when a CR no longer occurs in the presence of the CS due to the absence of the UCS A) extinction B) spontaneous recovery C) elimination D) discrimination E) generalization _____ 9 ) One of Pavlo v's dogs had stopped salivating at the sound of the tone The next day the tone was presented again and the dog began salivating This is an example of what? A) shaping B) spontaneous extinction C) stimulus generalization D) spontaneous recovery E) dif ferentiation _____ 10 ) Brian is a four year old who does not like his 'yucky' cold medicine Each time he sees his father with the medicine, he becomes upset Through the process of __________, the medicine is now a(n) __________ A) operant conditioning; ne gative reinforcer B) negative reinforcement; conditioned stimulus C) aversive conditioning; conditioned stimulus D) appetitive conditioning; conditioned stimulus E) conditioned reinforcement; unconditioned response _____ 11 ) Food aversions are different from most types of classical conditioning in that A) other people can cause us to develop the connection the CS and the UCS B) once the conditioning is established, it cannot be eliminated C) the conditioned response often occurs before the unconditioned resp onse D) there can be a long time delay between the CS and the UCS E) conditioning may not always involve a change in the person's response _____ 12 ) In operant conditioning, behavior change is brought about by the manipulation of what? A) reflexes B) goal s C) consequences D) motives E) thoughts Introduction to Psychology Classical and Operant Learning Quiz Page 3 of 6 _____ 13 ) In operant conditioning, the consequences that influence the likelihood of the behaviors are called what? A) conditioned and

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