Internet Marketing Solutions for the Travel Industry About Milestone

Internet Marketing Solutions for the Travel Industry About Milestone

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Internet Marketing Solutions for the Travel Industry Milestone Internet Marketing, a full-service internet marketing company for the travel industry.

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Internet Marketing Solutions for the Travel Industry Milestone Internet Marketing, Inc. is a full-service internet marketing company for the travel industry. We provide comprehensive solutions to the hospitality industry for developing powerful internet presence and driving revenue on the internet. Founded as a marketing agency for the lodging industry, Milestone has been providing online marketing services to the hospitality industry since 1998. We have worked with several hundred lodging industry clients to market and promote their properties on the internet. Milestone is a preferred internet marketing vendor for several major hospitality brands and franchises. In addition to our business expertise, Milestone is highly regarded as an internet marketing educator for the lodging industry and conducts educational seminars on internet marketing for several major hotel brands and state associations. At Milestone, our mission is to maximize the potential, performance, and positioning of individual clients through a results-driven service philosophy and visionary strategic thinking. We are inspired by the highest principles of integrity, honesty, commitment, and accountability in all of our endeavors and decisions. Milestone offers solutions for a wide range of customers in the lodging industry from luxury five- diamond resorts to mid-scale brands. For each client, solutions are tailored to meet their specific brand positioning, target markets, and budgets. Additionally, our strategies and services for the hotel industry are targeted for different platforms depending on the individual needs of our customers. Independent Website Design and Promotion Milestone works with several hundred hotels and resorts on design and promotion of independent websites. Milestone is also a preferred vendor for several major lodging industry brands. Website Promotion on (brand hotels) Milestone has developed preferred vendor relationships with major lodging industry brands to promote individual hotels on their websites. Our services include enhancing and promoting the individual hotel’s property pages on website. Portals, Co-op, and Management Company Websites Milestone has designed and promoted several websites for coops, management companies,

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