International Crisis Italian Menswear vs. American Menswear

International Crisis Italian Menswear vs. American Menswear

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khaki linen pants and matching brown, patent leather, pointed shoes. To any fashionable ripping at the seams and faded to a whole new shade of color.

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International Crisis Italian Menswear vs American Menswear Tiffany Gravinese Keywords: fashion / men / style Abstract Imagine yourself in New York City It is a comfortable Saturday night and you are dining outside of a swanky restaurant, enjoying a cool glass of Italy’s finest white wine The city is buzzing with people hurrying off to the late st “hot spot” in the city The women are dressed in their finest, and the men…well, take notice of the men Most are wearing a baggy cotton Tshirt, blue jeans, and a pair of sneakers Some men were feeling a little brave this evening and pulled ou t cotton polo and a pair of loafers There is nothing too exciting about these men, but wait You see something else In the distance, a tall lean man comes walking down the si dewalk His hair is styled vertically, despite gravity’s stubbornness He wears a bright pink graphic tee topped by a metallic brown jacket over khaki linen pants and matching brown, patent leather, pointed shoes To any fashionable woman, this man is a godsend He is of rare form in an American city He defies all typical style guidelines in Am erican men’s fashion To the average American onlooker, this pink panther is either gay or from another country Yet this man is a European influenced American fashion icon American menswear has struggled with a reputation for being sloppy and tasteless European fashions have traveled acro ss the ocean to assist the troubled American man and improve the perception of men’s fashion Introduction Traditionally, American menswear has been based on one key factor: comfort The majority of American men were never willing to sacrifice their comfort for a stylish outfit or good look They preferred to wear inexpensive clothing that was loose and could be simply carried over from season to season Th e color selections were muted and basic so the wardrobe could easily be mixed and matc hed creating new ensembles with the same garment That same garment would be wo rn repeatedly and never discarded until it was ripping at the seams and faded to a whole new sh ade of color Currently in today’s world the fashion industry has evolved and small mino rities of American men have become far more fashionable and stylish These Amer icans are no longer concerned with just comfort but also their appearance These Am erican men want to look powerful while in the work force Others prefer to look sexy while on the streets while some Americans combine the two looks The change in at titude toward clothing is striking in the menswear market but nothing compared to the fashion forward European man, particularly the Italians The Italian ma n craves innovative design and is not too masculine to experiment with anything cutting edge American men stereotype the Italian menswear as flamboyant and feminine while Italian men characterize American men’s fashion as sloppy and generic Ov er time the two worlds clash and Italian menswear influences the American menswear market American Menswear The average American man has a larger build compared to the average European male, primarily in the shoulders, girth and bottom In 1988 the Olympics took place at the Seoul stadium where Americans complained that the seats were too small The reason: American bottoms are larger

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