Inclusive search for a highly boosted Higgs boson decaying to a bottom quark-antiquark pair

Inclusive search for a highly boosted Higgs boson decaying to a bottom quark-antiquark pair

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transverse momentum (pT) and decaying to a bottom quark-antiquark pair (bb) is performed using grounds are reduced by requiring the Higgs boson's decay products to be clustered in a single jet [14]. M. Melo De Almeida, C. Mora Herrera, L. Mundim, H. Nogima, L.J. Sanchez Rosas, A. Santoro,.

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EUROPEANORGANIZATIONFORNUCLEAR RESEARCH (CERN) CERNEP2017207 2017/09/16 CMSHIG17010 Inclusive searchfor ahighly boosted Higgsbosondecaying to abottom quarkantiquark pair The CMS Collaboration ∗ Abstract An inclusive searchfor the standar dmodel Higgsboson(H)produced withlarge transverse momentum (p T) and decaying toabottom quarkantiquark pair(b b)is performed usingadata setofpp collisions at√ s = 13TeV collected withtheCMS experiment atthe LHC Thedata sample corresponds toan integrated luminosity of 359 fb− 1 A highly Lorentzboosted Higgsbosondecaying tob bis reconstr uctedas a single, large radius jetand isidentied usingjetsubstr uctureand dedicated btag ging techniques Themethod isvalidated withZ→ b bdecays TheZ→ b bpr ocess is observed forthe rst time inthe singlejet topologywithalocal signicance of51 standar ddeviations (58expected) ForaHiggs bosonmassof125 GeV, an excess of events abovetheexpected backgroundisobserved (expected) withalocal signif icance of15 (07) standar ddeviations Themeasur edcross section times branching fraction forproducti onvia gluon fusion ofH → b bwith p T > 450 GeVand inthe pseudorapidity range−25 << 25 is74 ±48 (stat) + 17 − 10 (syst) fb,which isconsistent within uncertainties withthestandar dmodel prediction Submitted toPhysical ReviewLetters c 2017 CERN forthe benet ofthe CMS Collaboration CCBY30license See Appendix Afor the listofcollaboration members arXiv:submit/2009371 [hepex] 16 Sep 2017 1 Inthe standar dmodel (SM)[1–3], theBroutEnglertHiggs mechanism[4–8]isresponsible for electr oweak symmet rybreaking andthemass ofelementary particlesAlthough aHiggs bo son (H)was discover ed[9–11], theLHC datasets ofpp collisions at√ s = 7and 8TeV wer enot suf cient toestablish thecoupling tobottom quarks[12],despite the581% expected branch ing fraction ofthe Higgs bosontobottom quarkantiquark (b b)pairs [13]Themost sensitive method tosear chfor H→ b bdecays atahadr oncollider isto use events inwhich theHiggs boson isproduced inassociation withaW orZboson (VH)decaying toleptons, andrecoiling with alar ge transverse momentum (p T) [14], inorder tosuppr essthe overwhelming irreducible backgr oundfrom quantum chromodynamics (QCD)multijet production ofbquarks Because of this backgr ound,anobservation ofH(b b ) decays inthe gluon fusion production mode(ggF) was consider edimpossible ThisLetter presents therst inclusive searchfor H→ b b,wher e the Higgs boson isproduced withhighp T Measur ements ofhigh p T H (b b ) decays mayre solve theloop induced andtreelevel contributions tothe ggF process [15]and provide an alternative approach tostudy thetop quark Yukawa coupling inaddition tothe t tHprocess The results reported inthis Letter arebased onadata setofpp collisions at√ s = 13TeV collected withtheCMS detector atthe LHC in2016 andcorresponding toan integrated lumi nosity of359 fb− 1 Th emain experimental difculties forthis searchoriginate from thelarge cr oss section forbackgr oundmultijet eventsatlow jetmass andtherestrictive triggerrequir e ments needed toreduce thedata recor ding rateTherefore,we requir eevents tohave ahigh p T Higgs bosoncandidate anddene sixp T categories from 450 GeVto 1TeV Combinatorial back gr ounds arereduced byrequiring theHiggs boson’s decayproducts tobe cluster edinasingle jet [14] Thejetisrequir edtohave twopr ongsubstr uctureand btagging properties consistent with theH(b b ) signal Thenontrivial jetmass shape isdif cult tomodel parametrically For this reason, thedominant backgroundfrom SM QCD multijet production isestimated indata by inverting thebtagging requir ement, whichis,by design, decorrelated from jetmass and p T A simultaneous ttothe distribu tionsofthe jetmass inall categories isperformed inthe range 40to201 GeVto extract theinclusive H(b b ) and Z(b b ) pr oduction cross sections andto determine thenormalizations andshapes ofthe jetmass distributions forthe backgr ounds A detailed description ofthe CMS detector ,together withadenition ofthe coor dinate system and therelevant kinematic variables,canbefound inRef [16] Thecentral featureof the CMS apparatus isasuper conducting solenoidof 6m internal diameter ,pr oviding amagnetic eldof 38 TAsilicon pixel andstrip tracker ,a lead tungstate crystalelectromagnetic calorimeter ,and a brass andscintillator hadroncalorimeter ,each composed ofabarr eland two endcap sections, r eside within thesolenoid Forwardcalorimeters extendthepseudorapidity ( ) [16] coverage pr ovided bythe barr eland endcap detectors Muonsaredetected ingasionization chambers embedded inthe steel uxr eturn yokeoutside thesolenoid Simulated samplesofsignal andbackgr oundevents arepr oduced usingvarious MonteCarlo (MC) event generators, withtheCMS detector response modeled usingtheGEA N T4 [17] pro gram TheMADG RA PH 5 aM [email protected] NLO 233 [18]generator isused forthe diboson, W+jets, Z+ jets, QCD multijet samples atleading order (LO) accuracy withMLM matching [19]between jets fr om thematrix element calculation andtheparton shower description, whilePO W HEG 20 [20– 22] atnexttoleading order (NLO) precision isused tomodel thet tand singletop processes For parton showering andhadr onization the PO W HEG and MADG RA PH 5 aM [email protected] NLO samples ar einterfaced with PY TH IA 8212 [23]ThePY TH IA parameters forthe underlying eventde scription areset tothe CUETP8M1 tune[24] Theproduction cross sections forthe diboson sam ples arecalculated tonexttonexttoleadingor der(NNLO) accuracy withtheMCFM 70 pro gram [25]Thecross section fortop quark pairproduction iscomputed withTO

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