In English - Part 2

In English - Part 2

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played with computer dealt – pre dealt randomly in India to play such kind of Computer generated. Deals NS 2: Hans Verma – N.K. Bidani .. extention “BASS” used in the heading is the Hindi word “Bas” meaning – “Enough”.

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Delhi Bridge Association Newsletter Vol 3 Issue 8 – January 2006 Page 1 of 12 Delhi Bridge Association Newsletter Editor: TC Pant Vol 3 Issue 8 January 2006 President: MD Dalmia Hon Secretary: RK Gupta Regt Office: 18, Institutional Area, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi Tolani Shipping to represent India at the Commonwealth Games The Tolani Shipping team re presented b y RA A grawal, A jit Chakradeo, Anal Shah, Finton Lewis, ARD Se queira & G Manna will re present India in the Commonwealth Games Brid ge Cham pionshi p to be held at Melbourne, Australia from 7 th to 12 th Mar 2006 They beat WELLKNIT of Chennai in the selection trials held at Mumbai on 18 th Jan 2006 fo r selectin g the team for re presentin g India in the Commonwealth games Bridge Championship Edito r TOLANI GRAND PRIX 2006 The Tolani Grand Prix Brid ge Cham pionshi p 2006 was held at "The Residence Hotel & Convention Centre", Mumbai from 19th to 22nd Jan 2006 26 Teams partici pated in the Team of Four event The y played a Swiss lea gue of 9 rounds (of 10 boards each ) and the to p 8 teams, which qualified for the quarterfinals were: 1 MANYAVAR (174 VPs) 2 INDIA BLUES (156) 3 AIRS (156) 4 JP GOENKA (152) 5 CV RAO (152) 6 RL KEJRIWAL MC (151) 7 MANGO (149) 8 TOLANI SHIPPING (147) In the 3*12 boards Quarter Finals, Tolani Shi pp ing beat Manyavar by 86615; India Blues beat Mango 8683; AIRS beat RL Ke jriwal MC b y 72532 & JP Goenka beat CV Rao by 8641 In the 3*14 boards Semi Finals, Tolani Shi pp ing beat JP Goenka (JP Goenka, Sa pan Desai, Ashok Goel, Kamal Mukher jee, Kamal Ro y & Ashim Mukherjee) by 13471 whereas India Blues beat AIRS (Ian Concessio, Dr Subir Ro y, Arvind Vaidya, Ivan Alphonso & N Rajmohan) by 9283 In the 4*16 boards final, India Blues (Ashok Ruia, JM Shah, Sandee p Karmarkar, Ra jendra Gokhle & SK Iyengar) beat Tolani Shippin g ( RA A grawal, Archie Se queira, Anal Shah, Finton Lewis & Ajit Chakradeo) by 141124 There were 44 Pairs in the Pairs elimination 1, out of which 28 pairs qualified for the 2nd elimination 12 QFinalists joined them in the 2nd second elimination round and total 20 Pairs qualified fo r the final round 6 losing semifinaists and 2 pairs from s ponsor's quota made it for a 28 Pair all play all final The winners were: 1 Badal Das S De Sarkar 42513 2 Subhash Gupta Amod Rele 39950 3 Raju Tolani Ajay Khare 39783 4 Anil Padhye Keyzad Ankelesaria 39456 5 Aniket Sanghvi Kaustabh Bendre 38746 6 Ashok Goel Kamal Mukherjee

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