Illinois Department of Revenue Brian Hamer, Director Publication 102

Illinois Department of Revenue Brian Hamer, Director Publication 102

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Illinois Department of Revenue Brian Hamer, Director Publication 102 April 2011 Illinois Filing Requirements for Military Personnel The information in this publication

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Illinois Department of Revenue Constance Beard, Director Publication 102 February 2018 Illinois Filing Requirements for Military Personnel The information in this publication is current as of the date of the publication. Please visit our website at to verify you have the most current revision. This publication is written in the plain English style so the tax information is easier to understand. As a result, we do not directly quote Illinois statutes and the Illinois Administrative Code. The contents of this publication are informational only and do not take the place of statutes, rules, and court decisions. For many topics covered in this publication, we have provided a reference to the applicable section or part of the Illinois Administrative Code for further clarification or more detail. All of the sections and parts referenced can be found in Title 86 of the Illinois Administrative Code. Taxpayer Bill of Rights You have the right to call the Department of Revenue for help in resolving tax problems. You have the right to privacy and confidentiality under most tax laws. You have the right to respond, within specified time periods, to Department notices by asking questions, paying the amount due, or providing proof to refute the Department’s findings. You have the right to appeal Department decisions, in many instances, within specified time periods, by asking for Department revie w, by filing a petition with the Illinois Independent Tax Tribunal, or by filing a complaint in circuit co urt. If you have overpaid your taxes, you have the right, within specified time periods, to a credit (or, in some cases, a refund) of that overpayment. For more information about these rights and other Department procedures, you may write us at the following address: Problems Resolution Division Illinois Department of Revenue PO Box 19014 Springfield, IL 62794-9014 About this publication Publication 102, Illinois Filing Requirements for Military Personnel, provides

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