IES-Funded Instructional Conversation Project Executive Summary

IES-Funded Instructional Conversation Project Executive Summary

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This report describes the implementation and effects of the Instructional. Conversation (IC) pedagogy on third and fifth grade students conducted by the Center for Latino Achievement and Improving the Teaching and Learning of English Language Learners (ELLs): The. Instructional Conversation 

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Center for Latino Achievement and Success in EducationAn Evaluation of the Instructional Conversation Model for English Language Learners and Other Students in Elementary Grades Three and Five Executive Summary Pedro R Portes Manuel S Gonz?lez Canch? With contributions from: Diego Boada Rebecca Gokee Jennifer Holt Paula Mellom Robert Stollberg Rolf Straubhaar Jodi Weber Melissa Whatley Dec ember 2016 Contents Funders 4Overview 5Preface 7Acknowledgements 9Executive Summary 10Background on the Instructional Conversation 13Studying the Instructional Conversation Pedagogy 15Implementing the IC model in Third and Fifth Grade Classrooms 18Consistency of IC Teacher Practices 19How IC Teaching Impacted Students? Academic Achievement 20Conclusion and Next Steps 21References 24CENTER FOR LATINO ACHIEVEMENT AND SUCCESS IN EDUCATION�2 List of Figures Figure 1: Summary of Study Results 22CENTER FOR LATINO ACHIEVEMENT AND SUCCESS IN EDUCATION�3 Funders This study was funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) IES is an independent and nonpartisan agency the mission of which is both to provide scienti?c evidence on which to ground education practice and policy and to share this information in formats that are useful and accessible to educators, parents, policymakers, researchers, and the public Among the other goals of its work, IES funds development and rigorous testing of new approaches for improving education outcomes for all students It supports development of practical solutions for education from the earliest design stages through pilot studies and rigorous testing at scale With IES support, researchers are learning what works for improving instruction, student behavior, teacher learning, and school and system organization The broader dissemination of this publication, along with the project website, is in part supported by the Goizueta Foundation, a private, generalpurpose, grant making philanthropy that works alongside forwardthinking organizations in metro Atlanta to inspire motivated young people to learn and succeed The Foundation?s primary focus is on expanded learning initiatives in the 10county metropolitan Atlanta region, especially K12 education Since its inception, the Foundation has partnered with more than 85 organizations through 555 grants, totaling more than $386 millionCENTER FOR LATINO ACHIEVEMENT AND SUCCESS IN EDUCATION�4 Overview This report describes the implementation and effects of the Instructional Conversation (IC) pedagogy on third and ?fth grade students conducted by the Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education at the University of Georgia from 20112015 Developed in the late 20th century by the Center for Research on Excellence and Diversity in Education, the IC is the linchpin of a complete classroom pedagogy designed to provide responsive and recursive (or studentcentered) assistance in contrast to traditional direct instructional (or teachercentered) models The goals of the project were to test whether the IC model can improve English language students? and their peers? literacy as measured by standardized reading and other subject area tests To achieve these goals, we tested a model of professional development in which teachers received a weeklong initial training in the IC pedagogy, followed by a year of practice and ongoing coaching including a renewal training early in the second, or experimental, year After a full year of practice, trained teachers were deemed able to fully implement the pedagogy on a regular basis across a variety of subject areas Additional support was provided as needed through booster sessions and coaching during the experimental year In this randomized controlled trial, funded by an IES grant under the title: Improving the Teaching and Learning of English Language Learners (ELLs): The Instructional Conversation Model, the impact of ICs was studied in 61 schools in 16 districts, with 121 teachers fully completing the study Teachers were recruited to join one of three cohorts, with each cohort studied for a period of two years ? one training and practice

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