Human Body - 1 - Science Division

Human Body - 1 - Science Division

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Human Body - 1 As are all living organisms the human body is composed of cells. The cell is the structural and functional unit of all living organisms.

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Human Body - 1 As are all living organisms the human body is composed of cells. The cell is the structural and functional unit of all living organisms. Each cell must obtain energy and nutrients to sustain it - to do its unique job within the organism. When each individual cell fails to do so it will die. In humans (as in other multicellular organisms), cells are aggregated into tissues - with specific functions - such as: • muscle • nerve • connective • epithelial Tissues are coordinated into organs that work cooperatively within the total organism. We tend to associate ourselves with these specific organs and organ systems. For example, we get stomach aches and head aches. We seldom say "The cells of my stomach lining are stretched too much by the dinner I just ate, and the stretch receptors of my stomach are sending nerve messages to my brain". We say "I ate too much and my stomach hurts." Yet it is each and every one of the cells of our body that must be fed and nourished, and from that we must remove waste products. Each cell must interact with its surroundings to obtain needed materials for survival through its boundary, the cell membrane. Each cell requires its own energy and nutrient supply and synthesizes its own materials. Each cell also produces its own waste products that must be expelled into its surroundings. All of these materials enter and leave the cell through the membrane. As multicellular organisms, we have systems to coordinate and integrate functions. Our circulatory system, for example, delivers nutrients to and removes waste products from cells. Our digestive system processes foodstuffs and extracts the nutrients we need for absorption. Kidneys help regulate fluid balance and remove metabolic wastes. But back to the cell. What is a cell? Human Body - 2 Cell Membrane A cell is defined by its boundary, the cell

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