How to get to CERN from the Geneva Airport - ICTR-PHE 2012

How to get to CERN from the Geneva Airport - ICTR-PHE 2012

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Take bus nº10 direction 'Rive' and get off at 'Bouchet'. From 'Bouchet' take the tram nº14 to CERN (pay attention, the final destination must

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How to get to CERN from the Geneva Airport You can get from the Geneva Cointrin Airport to CERN by bus+tram, taxi, or train+tram. By TAXI Taxis wait outside of the arrivals gate. The average cost of a ride from the Airport to CERN is between 30 and 40 CHFs. CERN is on 385, Route de Meyrin. Ask to go to entrance B (entr?e B). You can also stop at the Reception, but it's closed on Sunday, and after 17:15 on the other days. By BUS (+TRAM) Before getting out of the baggage claim, print a free ticket for public transportation at the automatic machines located at the baggage collection exit door. This ticket will entitle you to a free bus/tram/train ride from the Geneva Airport to your final destination, in and around Geneva. Please note that, once you are out, you cannot go back in to baggage claim to print a free ticket. Anyways, if you forget to print it, you can buy a ticket at the automatic machines located at the bus stops ("tout Gen?ve" button on the ticket machine, cost 3.50CHF). ! The easiest way: bus 10 + tram 14. Go out of the airport on the same floor of the baggage claim, the bus stop is across the road. Take bus n?10 direction 'Rive' and get off at 'Bouchet'. From 'Bouchet' take the tram n?14 to CERN (pay attention, the final destination must be 'CERN', not 'Meyrin-Grevi?re'). ! Bus Y, direction 'Val-Thoiry', stop 'CERN'. It is a direct ride from the Airport to CERN, however, the service is not very frequent, with buses running every 30 minutes between 5.30 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. Mondays to Fridays, then every hour until

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