Holding Tomorrow in Your Hands

Holding Tomorrow in Your Hands

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January 6, 2013 First, a word of explanation to the seminary students. To the great dismay of the liturgical purists and lectionary fundamentalists among us, you will

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January 6, 2013 First, a word of explanation to the seminary studen ts. To the great dismay of the liturgical purists and lectionary fundamentalists among us, you will n ote we don’t follow the lectionary and we do take liberties with the liturgical calendar. For ex ample, here in Birmingham the celebration of Pentecost always comes on the first Sunday of June, no matter the date of Easter. If you’d like to know why, I would be glad to explain. Today is Epip hany, focusing on the coming of the Magi and the adoration of the Christ Child, but I am mel ding it with last week’s story, one of the final events in the birth narrative, the presentation of the Christ Child in the temple. See, I didn’t get t o preach last week, and besides, in my years of minis try I have known and loved so many Annas and Simeons that I just can’t pass it by. Luke tells the tale. (read Luke 2:22-40) * * * * * An old man shuffles across the ancient, dusty stone floor, past the towering pillars soiled from the hands of countless worshipers, worn smooth from the wearied shoulders of tired pilgrims who for centuries made their way to this place

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