HEROES OF '76 History of the Order

HEROES OF '76 History of the Order

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HEROES OF '76 History of the Order A Side Degree of National Sojourners, Inc. A Military-Masonic Order Vol. I From the Beginning Through 1995 Prepared By

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HEROES OF '76 History of the Order A Side Degree of National Sojourners, Inc. A Military -Masonic Order Vol. I From the Beginning Through 1995 Pr epared By Clarence M. Nelson, 32° Captain, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired National Historian Distributed By National Sojourners, Inc. 8301 East Boulevard Drive Alexandria, VA 22308 -1399 Converted to HTML BY Richard D. Nelson WEBMASTER Copyright © 1995 by National Sojourners, Inc. Library of Congress Catalog Card: 95 -071534 PRINTED IN U.S.A. DEDICATION This work is dedicated to the memory of my revered friend Colonel William Biehl, Jr. USMC (Ret), National Commander (1980 -81), who did not live to see th e fulfillment of his dream of a completed History of the Heroes of '76 , and to whom I made a death -bed promise that the work he started would some day be finished. We will never know what his great mind might have contributed to National Sojourners and th e Heroes of '76 had he lived a while longer. Rest in Peace, my friend. . . your work is done, at last! ACKNOWLEDGMENTS To the Headquarters Staff of National Sojourners, Inc.: Nelson Newcombe , National Secretary, Shirley Grumbling and Maryanne Cox who, al though very busy, always acted as though helping me was the only thing they had to do. To Clarice Nelson , my dear wife of fifty -one years, who proof -read this work again, again and again . . . . To Brother Ralph Barnett of Columbus, Ohio whose research i nto the Masonic lives of Caleb Atwater and Archibald Willard was invaluable to me. To my Retired Marine buddy, Charles A. "Chuck" Folsom , PNC, PNP, LOH, from Fremont, Nebraska who meticulously and pains -takingly proofed the "draft" manuscript, and who als o provided abundant, invaluable, first -hand information gleaned from his extensive

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