Heat Sheet: Qualifier

Heat Sheet: Qualifier

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Elm Company, Ashbury, Kogi BBQ, Dakine, Active Ride Shop South Central, CA Peckham, Jeremy 23 Sector 9, Vox, Mouse Grip, GullWinOceanside, CA g, NSK, WSB

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NAME AGE SPONSORSHOMETOWN Heat Sheet: Qualifier 1 HEAT Asseliny, Antoine Vans, Real, Volcom, Thunder, Spitf ire Montreal, Canada Baekkel, Kevin 17 Bernhard Sports Norway Hamar, Norway Blauvelt, Dustin 23 8103 Clothing, Etnies, Nixon, The eve Trucks, Mondern Skatepark Detroit, MI Boyer, Carsten 22 Etnies (flow), Rhythm Skateshop Dallas, TX Capps, James 23 Organika (flow), Spitfire (flow), Fou rstar (flow), Lakai (flow), FTC, BONES Bearngs, Helas Caps San Francisco, CA Carbajal, Jahir Baker, Shake Junt, VANS, Cowtown Phoenix, AZ Cardenas, Cano 27 Habitat Skateboards & Footwear, Gul lwing Truck Co., Dizm Eyewear, Route 44 Skateshop, Champs Lounge, Remind Insoles San Diego, CA Cymbalski, Justin 14 RVCA (flow), Osiris (flow), Dest ructo (flow), Dakine (flow), Spy (flow), Melin, Vitamin Water Phoenix, AZ Davis, Cody 19 Mountain Dew, Dakine, Neff, 3rd Lair, Bones, Destructo Minneapolis, MN Depoian, Jon “Deezle” 23 Reliance Skateboards, Jiberi sh Apparel, BONES (flow), Nixon (flow), Lakai (flow), Destructo Huntington Beach, CA Dixon, Clive 20 Birdhouse, Ambig, Vans (flow), Thunde r, Spitfire, Skatepark of Tampa, Gatorade Cocoa Beach, FL Eaton, Jagger 12 DC, Plan B, Bones Wheels, Independen t,Monster, KTR Mesa, AZ Eaton, Jett 14 DC, Plan B,Monster, KTR Mesa, AZ Fitzgerald, John 22 Vans, Alien Workshop, Pawnshop, S pitfire, Thunder, Doom Sayers Glendora, CA Forrest, Andrew Pirate Co., Cowtown Glendale, AZ Gilliam, Jon 19 Old Cocks Skateboarding Company, Star Skates, Free Marthas Tucson, AZ Gormsen, Kai 26 Gullwing Trucks, DLXSF Skateshop San Diego, CA Friday, April 05, 2013 Page 1 of 15 NAME AGE SPONSORSHOMETOWN Heat Sheet: Qualifier 1 HEAT Hernandez, Adrian 20 Imperial Skateboards, Grape Grip Phoenix, AZ Heywood, Mikey 19 Element (flow), Gold Wheels (flow), Fly Society, Furrance Skateshop, Yeah_nice Headwear Longbeach, A Imel, Tyler 22 BZ Skateshop, Creature, Emerica, Altam ont, Independent Albuquerque, NM Jones, Eric 19 Dogtown, Wub Wheels, Team BK (Lakai), Malek Clothing, Warning Skate Shop Compton, CA Knapp, Daniel LRG, Flick, Warco, Dizm, Robert Guts, Binsers San Jose, CA Kovacs, Zachary “Ducky” 18 The Spot Skateshop, Roughneck Hardware Modesto, CA Lerma, Augie 13 Silver Trucks (flow), FKD bearings (f low) AZ Loy, Ethan 17 Element Skateboards and Apparel, Etnies ,

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