Healthy Diet - Elsevier: Pomeranz: Nelson Instructions Pediatric

Healthy Diet - Elsevier: Pomeranz: Nelson Instructions Pediatric

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n Healthy Diet n Parents have a lot of questions about what their kids should eat. A healthy diet helps keep your child healthy now and builds good habits for the

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n Healthy Diet n Parents have a lot of questions about what their kids should eat. A healthy diet helps keep your child healthy now and builds good habits for the future. The goal is to provide high-quality nutrition while avoiding excess calories, which could lead to obesity. Your doctor will monitor your child’s growth and nutrition at each office visit. Be sure to ask the doctor if you have any questions about this important issue. What’s a healthy diet for my child? Children of all ages need a balanced diet, including all the different food groups: grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and meats/proteins. Fats and sweets should be limited. As your child grows, the number of servings of each food will gradually increase. No diet is perfect for every child. The best diet is one that provides a good variety of foods, with enough calories to support your child’s growth and energy needs. A diet that provides too many calories, and especially too many fats and sweets, puts your child at risk of becoming over- weight or obese. Providing a healthy diet in childhood will build good eating habits that will last throughout your child’s life. What foods are included in a healthy diet? For children (and adults), a healthy diet includes a good variety of foods from the following groups:  Grains,such as bread, cereals, and pasta. Whole grains are best: whole-wheat bread is better than white bread, and oatmeal is better than boxed cereals.  Vegetables.Give a good mix of dark-green vegetables, like spinach or broccoli, and orange/yellow vegetables, like carrots.  Fruits,such as apples, bananas, oranges, raisins. Give lots of fresh fruit, not just fruit juices. Many fruit juices have added sugar, resulting in unnecessary calories.  Milk. Milk and other dairy foods (such as yogurt and cheese) provide calcium for growing bones. In children under 2, too much milk (more than 20 to 24 ounces per day) increases the risk of iron deficiency anemia.  Meats. Lean meats (not too much fat) are best. This cat- egory also includes eggs, fish, beans, and tofu.  Fats and

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