Health Services Management | Management | Bachelor's Degree

Health Services Management | Management | Bachelor's Degree

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College of Business & Management Management Bachelor’s Degree Program Specialization: Health Services Management about this degree program For those with prior

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QUICK F\bCTS 124 CREDIT \bOUR\f minim\bm cr\fdit ho\brs r\fq\bir\fd for grad\bation 18% GROWT\b NATIONALLY FROM 2016-2026 FOR EMPLOYMENT OF \fOCIAL AND COMMUNITY \fERVICE MANAGER\f 1 2 +8 YEARS MONTHS minim\bm l\fngth to grad\bation 2 1\fm\fnt/social-and-comm\bnity-s\frvic\f-manag\frs.htm . Data r\ffl\fcts a national proj\fct\fd p\frc\fntag\f chang\f in \fmploy - m\fnt from 2016-2026 and may not r\ffl\fct local \fconomic conditions. 2Not incl\bding br\faks. Ass\bm\fs y\far-ro\bnd, f\bll-tim\f \fnrollm\fnt. Additional pro- gram information may b\f fo\bnd at https://www.d\fvry.\fd\b/d\fgr\f\f-programs.html COLLEGE OF BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT Bachelor’s Degree Program Specialization: Health Services Management ABOUT THIS DEGREE PROGRAM The bachelor’s degree in Management at DeVry University can help you develop the management skills needed to work in many business areas and industries, such as accounting, project management, entrepreneurship, marketing, and human resources. If you’re currently employed, this can be a great way to further develop your management skills. Our Management degree program is designed to prepare students to meet the challenges of a high-tech, global marketplace by bringing the real world into the classroom. Through experiential projects, you can develop the skills and business acumen needed in today’s business world. This program is designed to accommodate students with a wide range of experiences, including those with little or no prior college education or work experience. If you have prior work or educational experience, you may also want to consider our Technical Management degree program which is available with many of the same specializations. Through our TechPath approach, we’ve put technology at the

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