HEADLINE NEWS Exploring Critical Historical Issues through Print

HEADLINE NEWS Exploring Critical Historical Issues through Print

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1 HEADLINE NEWS Exploring Critical Historical Issues through Print Journalism Middle School Lesson Plan Background: Print journalists often contend that newspapers

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ISSN 1822-6515 ISSN 1822-6515 EKONOMIKA IR VADYBA: 2010. 15 ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT: 2010. 15 397 E-COMMERCE AND ITS IMPACT ON CUSTOMER STRATEGY Oldřich Bauer 1, Zuzana Němcová 2, Jiří Dvořák 3 1Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, [email protected] 2Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, [email protected] 3Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, [email protected] Abstract The paper describes e-commerce, customer strategy and its relations. Next point is impact of e- commerce on customer strategy in special conditions of Czech Republic. Authors elaborated actual data for 2009 and focused on their practical usage. Topic is actual in economic crisis covering e-commerce and Czech Republic either. Most of works describes this topic without connections to others. Customer strategy oriented to Czech Republic is very specific-it’s based on its historical development and its very important to realize existing global economic crisis and these two topic put together and deduce conclusions from these facts. The paper deals with the theme model of e-business with customers support. Investors may have taken a dislike to web-based firms, problems of embracing or responding to the Internet challenge remain for managers of established firms. There were predicts that 70% of firms will have an incoherent e-business strategy within a year. For existing firms it may be simple to set up a web-presence, but it is difficult to create a sustainable business model. This is especially true for industries in which many large, established firms face tremendous changes in both product design and business processes. The media sector, and more specifically the entertainment sector, are prime examples. This paper investigates challenges and issues for firms active in different stages of the entertainment value chain. While they operate in a growing market, the digital character of their products places them at the centre of industrial changes triggered by the Internet and other new

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