Harvard Business Review FORTUNE Magazine - Dr. Nick Bontis

Harvard Business Review FORTUNE Magazine - Dr. Nick Bontis

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Thomas Stewart, Previous Editor, Harvard Business Review and FORTUNE Magazine, New York, USA business and personal lives for both the present and in the future.

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NickBontiscom/Bontis Testimonials pdf © Institute for Intellectual Capital Research 1|3 6 [email protected] TESTIMONIALS Professor Nick Bontis is not only a pioneer in the field of intellectual capital, but one of the world’s real experts as well Thomas Stewart, Previous Editor, Harvard Business Review and FORTUNE Magazine , New York, USA Nick Bontis is a brilliant, provocative thinker who understands the deep changes underway in our society His presentations are perceptive and persuasive, and always done with great gusto and humour Honourable Bob Rae, 21 st Premier of Ontario, Government of Ontario , Toro nto, Canada There are a few rules you should know about having Dr Bontis speak to your management team about the future of the workplace environment in the information age First, do NOT follow him as another speaker Second, do NOT skip him as a seminar participant Third, do NOT design a program without him as a conference producer He is, defacto, the reason why any one should attend an event he speaks at! Anton van Elst, Management Training Officer, ING Bank , Amsterdam, The Netherlands Nick Bontis seems always in motion Whether he’s speaking to conference audiences or his university students, Dr Bontis delivers fast paced presentations that find him prowling the room, popping animated slides on the screen or spilling water from a glass to illustra te ideas His energetic discussions embody his specialty of study: the accumulation and flow of intellectual capital Steve Barth, Editor, Knowledge Management Magazine, San Francisco, USA Dr Bontis is a unique individual who mixes together three key ingredients First, his academic credentials are terrific and his thought leadership is recognized and appreciated globally Second, his entrepreneurial spirit drives him to present a practical business orientation in every issue he discusses Third, his e nergetic and warm personality acts like a magnet for all those who meet him Most importantly, whenever I put together a world class conference I know that I can count on him to consistently deliver a high performance keynote that leaves the audience buzz ing Jane Dysart, Program Director: KM World , Internet World , InfoToday , Toronto, Canada Many of the evaluations we got back from our top performers at our annual UNIGLOBE Chairman's circle event in Sonoma identified you not only as the best speaker/resource they had experienced through UNIGLOBE, but many also said you were the best speaker they had ever seen anywhere period! Martin Charlwood, President, Uniglobe Travel International, Vancouver, Canada Nick's reputation as a world expert in h is field is indisputable However, the real magic occurs when he steps in front of a crowd His charisma acts like a magnet and captures everyone's attention He will

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