HARTING Release Notes HAIIC MICA Base Version 1.5.0

HARTING Release Notes HAIIC MICA Base Version 1.5.0

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HARTING Release Notes HAIIC MICA Base Version 1.5.0. The Release Notes Present Technical Features and. Restrictions of the MICA Base Version 1.5.0. Installation. MICA Base Versions 1.0.0, 1.1.0, 1.2.0, 1.3.1, 1.4.0 can be updated to MICA Base. Version 1.5.0. An upgrade to MICA Base Version 

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H ARTING Release N otes HAIIC MICA Base Version 15 0 HARTING Release Notes HAIIC MICA Base Version 15 0 Th e Release Notes Present Technical Features and Restrictions of the MICA Base Version 15 0 Installation MICA Base Version s 100 , 110 , 120 , 131 , 140 can be updated to MICA Base Version 15 0 An upgrade to MICA Base Version 15 0 can be performed while pre serving all changes performed by the user and all containers in the same state When upgrading from 124 to 1 50 all passwords are reset Known Issues  When using some DHCP Servers, eg UDHCPD, the same IPv4 ad dress can be assigned to the base system and a container In this case an IPv4 can be set statically  After a firmware u pdate < 131 the browser GUI must be reloaded in the browser to reload the renewed components  In case the MICA is started in a network without DHCP Server the IPv4 configu ration is represented incorrectly Th e IPv4 ad dress however is reset to the de fault value 10101010 and the netmask to 25525500 The IPv4 address can then be set statically  Container name displayed as „Home“ after browser refresh  Debian 100 container and containers based on Debian using systemd are not compatible with firmware v150 as they may interfere with the other installed containers Therefore a new Debian container has been released for firmware v150 where system d is disabled  Certificates are not copied into the container directory /META of every container by the base Version History Version 150  New Linux Kernel 4452  Transition from AUFS to OverlayFS  Improved robustness under power cuts  New details page for each container containing information on network settings, container state and container settings HARTING Release Notes HAIIC M ICA Base Version 15 0  Integrated kernel modules that enable USB video hardware  HAproxy SSL Security Policy improved Version 140  On the information page on the WebGUI now the storage space consumption of each container and the accessible free disc space on the base is displayed  A firmware update is now possible via RPC  Th e methode get_container_config now also returns the interface version of in stalled containers Version 131  Certificates are copied into the container directory /META of every container by the base  When duplicating and resetting a container the container wishlist is duplicated  A dupli cated container remains intact Version 130  A new toolchain bas ed on Linaro GCC 49 201602 is used to protect the MICA from attacks (see bug CVE 2015 7547 in National Cyber Awareness System ) W e recommend the use of this toolchain to cross compil e applications on busy box bas ed container s  Passwo rds are encoded more securely  Web socke t connections are now stable and don’t crash  Security request appears before container reset  When reboot ing ov er GUI on the internet explorer and login the user dire ctly ac cesses the webGUI In older versions a dialogue field appears (file upload)  The json rpc call get_info_text can be written without SSO from container to the bas e to request system information from the base You can also receive the systeminfo ov er Error! Hyperlink reference not valid  USB Hotplugging is now automatically possible in the container All USB de vices are created automatically in the container They are however not dis played in the device wishlist on the webGUI HARTING Release Notes HAIIC MICA Base Version 15 0  Before container installation a warning message appears stating that not enough storage space is available  Corrupted containers are not installed on the MICA

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