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Intentionally refrain from kissing or sexual touch to carefully refrain from sexual intimacy/ Consider reading “Jesus Calling” devotional. Previous 

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“FRIENDS with BOUNDARIE S & BLESSING S (Not Benefits!)” – 10 Phases of Healthy Christ Centered Male Female Relationships Watch the video teaching at http://vimeocom/35381797 by BRIAN KLUTH , Bestselling Author, Speaker , and TV/Radio/Media Guest 18 v ideo s/handouts of Brian’s teachings are available at wwwChristianSinglesWebsiteorg Fellowship Friendships 1to 1 Conn ection(s) DTR 1 = DEFINING the Relationship : State your interest Other person can choose to backup, continue as is, or move forward Social Dating DTR 2 = DIRECTION for the Relationship – Prayerful discussion(s) Is God i possibly leading us together OR not? Courtship DTR 3 = DECISION about the Relationship – Mar riage proposal Other person may say no, hold, slow, or go! Engagement Marriage Connect Participate in church and/or Christian singles group(s) or gatherings (eg weekly meetings , Sun School, church worship service, socials, outings, activities) Previous items and: Personal conversations Connecting at the church or group Invitation to a smaller group activity, meal, or social event Emails, texts, phone, FB, IM Previous items and: Only meet with a Christian If a non Christian asks you out, invite them to come to your Christian group(s) or church +Connect for coffee, dessert, meal, activity in a public place +Repeat if there is a “mutual” interest to connect again Advice : Esp first time or first few times, drive separately Previous items and: +Participate in Christian group(s) together +Worship at c hurch(es) together +Activities together +Eat together +Relax together +Some intro events with friends/family +Pray together *Discuss Scripture, things you’re reading, etc +Look for ways to possibly serve G od and others together through a ministry Previous items and: +Relatives/family events +Friend/social events +Travel experiences +Errands, shopping + Bible reading/pray together +Read books and/or listen to recorded teaching to help grow your rela tionship and future plans +Pre marital pastoral counseling and personality assessments Previous items and: +Meeting with people that will help you plan a wedding and the merger of our lives/futures +Pastoral counseling Previous items and: Marriage bed Living together (24/7/365 ) Note on 1 st year: Organize your lives and schedule so the man can focus on his wife’s happiness (see Deut 24:5) Focus Group Friendships, Discussions, Conversations Relate as Brothers and Sisters in Christ Smaller group or social activities where you can safely connect in a low risk and fun environment with others around Taking a personal interest in the other person wanting to learn more about them and their life 2nd, 3rd, or 4 th get together: Social activity, events, outings, and/or restaurant meals Intentionally connecting, spending time together, and learning more about each other AND our own needs/wants/desire s In the DTR discussion, be sure to address whether the relationship is exclusive Both people need to be clear on this matter +Exclusive relationship +Exploring & confirming the relationship/future +Invite feedback and blessing of family, friends, and spiritual leaders +Wedding planning +Life planning and choices ( preparing to blending houses , church, families, in laws, calendars, goals, possessions, and finances) Leave and cleave, learn to live and love as one, operate as co heirs in Christ, please God, serve one another and others Learn & Shar e Listen to each other and encourage each other Learn abo ut people’s life, family, thoughts, work, interests, struggles Life story, details about their life, spiritual journey, information about family, and discovering any “deal breaker” or unsafe characteristics Previous items and: Interests, beliefs, likes, dislikes, values, past hurts, dreams, work issues, struggles, family stuff, ongoing sins, red flags, yellow flags, deal breakers, or unsafe behaviors Previous items and: Future plans, deep hurts, failures, frailties, financial picture/details, work/career direction, ministry desires/plans, and merging lives Desires and decision making about future plans Resolving conflicts Find marriage mentors –

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