Guide: F5 Public Cloud Design Patterns

Guide: F5 Public Cloud Design Patterns

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Integration with cloud and third-party tools. 30 . with BIG-IP software modules to provide F5 application delivery services as noted below. In routed deployment, client traffic connects to the BIG-IP platform on one virtual subnet.

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GUIDE F D a a Contents Introduction 4 Public Cloud: IaaS 5 Key Infrastructure Components in IaaS Systems 5 F5 Ready Cloud Providers 8 F5 Application Delivery Services 8 The BIGIP Platform 10 How the BIGIP Platform Works 11 Designing BIGIP Services into Public Cloud IaaS System Architectures 12 Management networks 12 Application traffic networks 13 Routed deployment 13 Onearmed deployment 14 Using SNAT 14 Multitenant or perapplication instances 15 Local availability options 17 Global availability 21 Scaling 23 Secure cloud connectivity 27 Security Considerations 29 Deployment Automation and Templates 29 REST API 29 Application templates 29 Integration with cloud and thirdparty tools 30 Conclusion 30 Resources 30 2 GUIDE F5 Public Cloud Design Paerns Introduction By designing F5 application delivery services into public cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings, organizations can achieve both the economic and scaling advantages of IaaS clouds and the security, high availability, and optimization services of the F5 ® BIGIP ® platform A handful of key use cases embrace most situations for combining F5 application delivery services with IaaS Within those use cases, a number of design patterns provide options for delivering services These design patterns are worth considering as organizations plan for an architecture that will best meet their needs These design patterns are deliberately cloud provider agnostic Although F5 application delivery services are available in many public cloud offerings, the overall architecture designs will not differ significantly for different providers, although implementation details will Implementation details for specific IaaS offerings will be described in a forthcoming series of F5 “Recommended Practices” documents for specific providers 3 GUIDE F5 Public Cloud Design Paerns Public Cloud: IaaS Public IaaS offerings such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure combine ondemand infrastructure, (almost) limitless capacity, and a range of computing, storage, application, and networking services By combing these services with application software, customers can build agile, flexible IT infrastructures to deliver a wide range of applications The flexibility of utility billing, combined with the ability to scale up and down on demand, means you can deliver these services at a considerable CapEx savings, while the availability of automation and templating tools saves operational time and money Despite the considerable growth in IaaS services, both in terms of revenue and breadth of services, organizations still need to ensure: • Security • Availability • Performance F5 application delivery services offer a suite of tools designed to mitigate these risks and to ensure that applications are fast, secure, and available, no matter where they run These tools help transform the servicecentric offering of the public cloud into the applicationcentric model that powers modern data center design Key Infrastructure Components in IaaS Systems Most public IaaS platforms share come common functional components, even if the names and implementation details differ Understanding these components and their highlevel roles will make it easier to make informed architectural choices Virtual networks Cloud offerings usually include a private virtual network within which customers can create multiple subnets for further segregating traffic This allows the use of RFC1918 private IP address spaces as opposed to addresses that are publicly routable Such traffic segregation can make it considerably easier to migrate an existing application infrastructure, since you may be able to use the existing IP addressing schema The private networks allow you to build an infrastructure analogous to the DMZ/internal network design that is common in data centers Virtual subnets Within virtual networks, administrators can usually configure virtual subnets Virtual subnets can be marked as private or public and permit control of access to the Internet and other subnets In many cloud infrastructures, the virtual network will not expose the underlying layer 2 functionality Any mechanism relying on features like ARP or cloning traffic to

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